SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7539—Automotive Repair Shops, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in specialized automotive repair, not elsewhere classified, such as fuel service (carburetor repair), brake relining, front-end and wheel alignment, and radiator repair. Establishments primarily engaged in automotive welding are classified in Industry 7692.

Air-conditioner repair, automotiveFrame repair shops, automotive
Automotive springs, rebuilding and repairFront end repair, automotive
Axle straightening, automotiveFuel system conversion, automotive
Brake linings, sale and installationFuel system repair, automotive
Brake repairing, automotiveGenerator and starter repair, automotive
Carburetor repairRadiator repair shops, automotive
Electrical service, automotive (battery and ignition repair)Wheel alignment, automotive
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7539Automotive Repair Shops, Nec26,308
753900Automotive repair shops, nec14,425
75390000Automotive repair shops, nec14,425
753901Frame and front end repair services1,408
75390100Frame and front end repair services204
75390101Auto front end repair144
75390102Automotive springs, rebuilding and repair116
75390103Axle straightening, automotive36
75390104Frame repair shops, automotive122
75390105Wheel alignment, automotive786
753902Powertrain components repair services1,492
75390200Powertrain components repair services51
75390201Carburetor repair113
75390202Radiator repair shop, automotive1,307
75390203Torque converter repair, automotive21
753903Electrical services2,892
75390300Electrical services2,488
75390301Automotive sound system service and installation271
75390302Alternators and generators, rebuilding and repair133
753904Brake services1,911
75390400Brake services465
75390401Auto brake lining, installation34
75390402Brake repair, automotive1,412
753999Automotive repair shops, nec, nec4,180
75399901Automotive air conditioning repair359
75399902Automotive turbocharger and blower repair42
75399903Fuel system repair, motor vehicle129
75399904Machine shop, automotive1,872
75399905Shock absorber replacement122
75399906Trailer repair1,327
75399907Tune-up service, automotive329