SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7534—Tire Retreading and Repair Shops
Establishments primarily engaged in repairing and retreading automotive tires. Establishments classified here may either retread customers' tires or retread tires for sale or exchange to the user or the trade.

Rebuilding and retreading tires for the tradeTire repair shops
Retreading tiresTire studding and restudding
Tire recappingVulcanizing tires and tubes
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7534Tire Retreading and Repair Shops2,116
753400Tire retreading and repair shops852
75340000Tire retreading and repair shops852
753499Tire retreading and repair shops, nec1,264
75349901Rebuilding and retreading tires108
75349902Tire recapping94
75349903Tire repair shop1,042
75349904Tire studding and restudding3
75349905Vulcanizing tires and tubes17