SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7922—Theatrical Producers (Except Motion Picture) and Miscellaneous Theatrical Services
Establishments primarily engaged in providing live theatrical presentations, such as road companies and summer theaters. This industry also includes services allied with theatrical presentations, such as casting agencies; booking agencies for plays, artists, and concerts; scenery, lighting, and other equipment services; and theatrical ticket agencies. Also included in this industry are producers of live and taped radio programs and commercials and producers of live television programs. Establishments primarily engaged in the production of taped television programs and commercials are classified in Industry 7812. Theaters which are normally rented to theatrical producers and stock companies are classified in Real Estate, Industry 6512. Motion picture theaters and motion picture service industries are classified in Major Group 78. Establishments primarily engaged in operating dinner theaters are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5812.

Agents or managers for entertainersRadio programs, including commercials: producers of
Agents, talent: theatricalRental of theatrical scenery
Ballet productionRepertory or stock companies, theatrical
Booking agencies, theatrical: except motion pictureRoad companies, theatrical
Burlesque companiesScenery design, theatrical
Casting agencies, theatrical: except motion pictureStock companies, theatrical
Community theater productionsSummer theaters, except dinner theaters
Concert management serviceTelevision programs (including commercials): live
Costume design, theatricalTheatrical companies
Employment agencies: theatrical, radio, and television—except motionTheatrical equipment rental
Legitimate theater producersTheatrical lighting on a contract basis
Opera companiesTheatrical production, except motion picture
Performing arts center productionsTheatrical ticket agencies
Plays (road companies and stock companies)Vaudeville companies
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7922Theatrical Producers and Services17,182
792200Theatrical producers and services3,490
79220000Theatrical producers and services3,490
792201Theatrical talent and booking agencies2,556
79220100Theatrical talent and booking agencies246
79220101Agent or manager for entertainers347
79220102Booking agency, theatrical145
79220103Casting bureau, theatrical32
79220104Employment agency: theatrical, radio, and television55
79220105Entertainment promotion1,194
79220106Talent agent, theatrical537
792202Theatrical production services3,319
79220200Theatrical production services321
79220201Ballet production156
79220202Community theater production423
79220203Performing arts center production2,419
792203Theatrical companies2,931
79220300Theatrical companies2,379
79220301Amateur theatrical company115
79220302Burlesque company21
79220303Opera company280
79220304Plays, road and stock companies34
79220305Repertory, road or stock companies: theatrical24
79220306Summer theater77
79220307Vaudeville company1
792204Theatrical producers3,517
79220400Theatrical producers89
79220401Legitimate live theater producers2,816
79220402Radio producers142
79220403Television program, including commercial producers470
792205Theatrical rental services139
79220500Theatrical rental services40
79220501Equipment rental, theatrical93
79220502Scenery rental, theatrical6
792206Costume and scenery design services177
79220600Costume and scenery design services53
79220601Costume design, theatrical55
79220602Scenery design, theatrical69
792299Theatrical producers and services, nec1,053
79229901Beauty contest production186
79229902Concert management service531
79229903Lighting, theatrical195
79229904Ticket agency, theatrical141