Industry: 7532—Top, Body, and Upholstery Repair Shops and Paint Shops
Establishments primarily engaged in the repair of automotive tops, bodies, and interiors, or automotive painting and refinishing. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in customizing automobiles, trucks, and vans except on a factory basis. Establishments primarily engaged in customizing automobiles, trucks, and vans on a factory basis are classified in Manufacturing, Industry Group 371.

Antique and classic automobile restorationBump shops (automotive repair)
Automotive body shopsCollision shops, automotive
Automotive interior shopsCustomizing automobiles, trucks or vans: except on a factory basis
Automotive paint shopsUpholstery repair, automotive
Automotive tops (canvas or plastic), installation, repair, or sales and installationVan conversions, except on a factory basis
Automotive trim shops
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
7532Top and Body Repair and Paint Shops47,459
753200Top and body repair and paint shops7,194
75320000Top and body repair and paint shops7,194
753201Interior repair services1,873
75320100Interior repair services230
75320101Upholstery and trim shop, automotive1,643
753202Lettering and painting services3,812
75320200Lettering and painting services448
75320201Lettering, automotive53
75320202Paint shop, automotive3,062
75320203Truck painting and lettering249
753203Customizing services, nonfactory basis801
75320300Customizing services, nonfactory basis665
75320301Van conversion136
753204Exterior repair services32,067
75320400Exterior repair services300
75320401Body shop, automotive26,914
75320402Body shop, trucks194
75320403Bump shops, automotive repair263
75320404Collision shops, automotive4,188
75320405Tops (canvas or plastic), installation or repair: automotive208
753299Top and body repair and paint shops, nec1,712
75329901Antique and classic automobile restoration1,583
75329902Mobile home and trailer repair129