Industry: 8732—Commercial Economic, Sociological, and Educational Research
Establishments primarily engaged in performing commercial business, marketing, opinion, and other economic, sociological, and educational research on a contract or fee basis. Noncommercial economic, sociological, and educational research establishments funded from endowments, grants, or contributions are classified in Industry 8733.

Business economists, commercialMarket research commercial
Business research commercialOpinion research commercial
Economic research, commercialResearch economic, sociological and educational—commercial
Educational research, commercialSociological research commercial
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
8732Commercial Nonphysical Research13,129
873200Commercial nonphysical research2,043
87320000Commercial nonphysical research2,043
873201Market analysis, business, and economic research9,373
87320100Market analysis, business, and economic research2,311
87320101Business analysis327
87320102Business economic service449
87320103Business research service686
87320104Economic research424
87320105Market analysis or research2,896
87320106Merger, acquisition, and reorganization research295
87320107Opinion research109
87320108Research services, except laboratory1,444
87320109Survey service: marketing, location, etc.432
873202Commercial sociological and educational research1,713
87320200Commercial sociological and educational research446
87320201Educational research1,047
87320202Sociological research220