Industry: 7212—Garment Pressing, and Agents for Laundries and Drycleaners
Establishments primarily engaged in providing laundry and drycleaning services but which have the laundry and drycleaning work done by others. Establishments in this industry may do their own pressing or finishing work. Establishments operating their own laundry plants are classified in Industry 7211, and those operating their own drycleaning plants are classified in Industry 7216.

Agents, retail: for laundries and drycleanersPress shops for garments
Bobtailers, laundry and drycleaningTruck route laundry and drycleaning, not operated by laundries or cleaners
Cleaning and laundry pickup stations not owned by laundries or cleanersValet apparel service
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
7212Garment Pressing and Cleaners' Agents5,985
721200Garment pressing and cleaners' agents2,344
72120000Garment pressing and cleaners' agents2,344
721201Laundry and drycleaner agents3,494
72120100Laundry and drycleaner agents1,768
72120101Pickup station, laundry and drycleaning1,173
72120102Retail agent, laundry and drycleaning465
72120103Truck route, laundry and drycleaning38
72120104Valet apparel service50
721202Garment pressing147
72120200Garment pressing53
72120201Bobtailer, laundry and drycleaning94