Standard Industrial Code Divisions

Major Group: 80—Health Services

This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in furnishing medical, surgical, and other health services to persons. Establishments of associations or groups, such as Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), primarily engaged in providing medical or other health services to members are included, but those which limit their services to the provision of insurance against hospitalization or medical costs are classified in Insurance, Major Group 63. Hospices are also included in this major group and are classified according to the primary service provided.

Industry groups 801 through 804 includes individual practitioners, group clinics in which a group of practitioners is associated for the purpose of carrying on their profession, and clinics which provide the same services through practitioners that are employees.

Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
Industry Group 801: Offices And Clinics Of Doctors Of Medicine
8011Offices and Clinics of Doctors of Medicine423,397
Industry Group 802: Offices And Clinics Of Dentists
8021Offices and Clinics of Dentists216,000
Industry Group 803: Offices And Clinics Of Doctors Of Osteopathy
8031Offices and Clinics of Doctors of Osteopathy7,817
Industry Group 804: Offices And Clinics Of Other Health Practitioners
8041Offices and Clinics of Chiropractors68,906
8042Offices and Clinics of Optometrists35,699
8043Offices and Clinics of Podiatrists15,021
8049Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners, Not Elsewhere Classified179,614
Industry Group 805: Nursing And Personal Care Facilities
8051Skilled Nursing Care Facilities29,110
8052Intermediate Care Facilities9,476
8059Nursing and Personal Care Facilities, Not Elsewhere Classified16,206
Industry Group 806: Hospitals
8062General Medical and Surgical Hospitals41,597
8063Psychiatric Hospitals1,603
8069Specialty Hospitals, Except Psychiatric5,083
Industry Group 807: Medical And Dental Laboratories
8071Medical Laboratories18,543
8072Dental Laboratories7,978
Industry Group 808: Home Health Care Services
8082Home Health Care Services59,750
Industry Group 809: Miscellaneous Health And Allied Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
8092Kidney Dialysis Centers10,612
8093Specialty Outpatient Facilities, Not Elsewhere Classified59,290
8099Health and Allied Services, Not Elsewhere Classified156,971