Industry: 8069—Specialty Hospitals, Except Psychiatric
Establishments primarily engaged in providing diagnostic services, treatment, and other hospital services for specialized categories of patients, except mental. Psychiatric hospitals are classified in Industry 8063.

Alcoholism rehabilitation hospitalsHospitals, specialty: except psychiatric
Cancer hospitalsMaternity hospitals
Children's hospitalsOrthopedic hospitals
Chronic disease hospitalsRehabilitation hospitals: drug addiction and alcoholism
Drug addiction rehabilitation hospitalsTuberculosis and other respiratory illness hospitals
Eye, ear, nose, and throat hospitals: in-patient
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
8069Specialty Hospitals, Except Psychiatric6,087
806900Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric1,687
80690000Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric1,687
806901Substance abuse hospitals2,517
80690100Substance abuse hospitals210
80690101Alcoholism rehabilitation hospital1,144
80690102Drug addiction rehabilitation hospital1,163
806902Chronic disease hospital700
80690200Chronic disease hospital59
80690201Cancer hospital641
806903Respiratory hospital44
80690300Respiratory hospital33
80690301Tuberculosis hospital11
806999Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric, nec1,139
80699901Childrens' hospital425
80699902Eye, ear, nose, and throat hospital341
80699903Geriatric hospital40
80699904Maternity hospital97
80699905Orthopedic hospital236