Industry: 7641—Reupholstery and Furniture Repair
Establishments primarily engaged in furniture reupholstery and repair. Establishments primarily engaged in selling upholstery materials for personal or household consumption are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5714; and those making furniture and cabinets on a custom basis are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5712.

Antique furniture repair and restorationRepair of furniture upholstery
Furniture refinishingReupholstery shops
Furniture repairing, redecorating, and remodeling shops
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7641Reupholstery and Furniture Repair11,640
764100Reupholstery and furniture repair1,660
76410000Reupholstery and furniture repair1,660
764101Upholstery work6,249
76410100Upholstery work4,572
76410101Furniture upholstery repair520
764102Furniture repair and maintenance3,731
76410200Furniture repair and maintenance1,122
76410201Antique furniture repair and restoration926
76410202Furniture refinishing1,540
76410203Office furniture repair and maintenance143