SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7231—Beauty Shops
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing beauty or hairdressing services. This industry also includes combination beauty and barber shops, as well as hairdressing shops serving both male and female clientele. Beauty and cosmetology schools are included in this industry.

Beauty and barber shops, combinedFacial salons
Beauty culture schoolsHairdressers
Beauty shops or salonsManicure and pedicure salons
Cosmetology schoolsUnisex hairdressers
Cosmetology shops or salons
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7231Beauty Shops304,929
723100Beauty shops76,685
72310000Beauty shops76,685
723101Cosmetology and personal hygiene salons93,482
72310100Cosmetology and personal hygiene salons20,115
72310102Electrolysis and epilatory services2,947
72310103Facial salons5,048
72310104Manicurist, pedicurist60,476
723102Beauty schools2,826
72310200Beauty schools519
72310201Beauty culture school838
72310202Cosmetology school1,401
72310203Hair dressing school68
723199Beauty shops, nec131,936
72319902Unisex hair salons32,503