SIC Industry Description

Industry: 8641—Civic, Social, and Fraternal Associations
Membership organizations engaged in civic, social, or fraternal activities. Membership sports and recreation clubs are classified in Industry Group 799, and insurance offices maintained by fraternal organizations are classified in Insurance, Major Group 63. Homeowner, tenant, and condominium associations primarily engaged in managing real estate are classified in Real Estate, Industry 6531.

Alumni associations and clubFraternities and sororities, except residential
Bars and restaurants owned and operated for members ofHomeowner associations, except property management
Booster clubsParent-teacher associations
Business persons clubs, civic and socialSinging societies
Citizens' unionsSocial club, membership
Civic associationsTaxpayers' associations
Community membership clubs, other than amusement and recreationTenant associations, except property management
Condominium associations, except property managementUniversity club
Fraternal associations, other than insurance officesVeterans' organizations
Fraternal lodgesYouth associations, except hotel units
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
8641Civic and Social Associations167,018
864100Civic and social associations62,476
86410000Civic and social associations62,476
864101Civic associations12,466
86410100Civic associations10,606
86410101Citizens union258
86410102Community membership club1,557
86410103Taxpayer association45
864102Fraternal associations13,441
86410200Fraternal associations8,886
86410201Alumni association1,456
86410202University club3,099
864103Youth organizations12,652
86410300Youth organizations11,179
86410301Boy Scout organization810
86410302Girl Scout organization663
864104Social associations4,636
86410400Social associations1,495
86410401Bars and restaurants, members only679
86410402Business persons club279
86410403Social club, membership2,183
864105Dwelling-related associations33,231
86410500Dwelling-related associations4,107
86410501Condominium association12,765
86410502Homeowners' association15,319
86410503Neighborhood association773
86410504Tenant association267
864199Civic and social associations, nec28,116
86419901Booster club2,360
86419902Educator's association639
86419903Environmental protection organization3,976
86419904Parent-teachers' association5,732
86419905Recreation association937
86419906Singing society171
86419907Veterans' organization14,301