Industry: 7629—Electrical and Electronic Repair Shops, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in the repair of electrical and electronic equipment, not elsewhere classified, such as electrical household appliances and electrical and electronic industrial equipment. Establishments primarily engaged in the repair of electronic computers and computer peripheral equipment are classified in Industry 7378.

Aircraft electrical equipment repair except radioElectronic equipment repair, except computers and computer
Appliance repair, electricalHearing aid repair
Business machine repair, electricalMedical equipment repair, electrical
Electric razor repairOffice machine repair, electrical: except typewriters, computers, and computer peripheral equipment
Electric tool repairTelephone set repair
Electrical measuring instrument repair and calibrationWashing machine repair
Electrical repair shops, except radio, television, and refrigerator
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
7629Electrical Repair Shops16,876
762900Electrical repair shops3,353
76290000Electrical repair shops3,353
762901Electrical personal use appliance repair248
76290100Electrical personal use appliance repair81
76290101Hearing aid repair151
76290102Razor repair, electric16
762902Electrical equipment repair services3,180
76290200Electrical equipment repair services775
76290201Electrical equipment repair, high voltage105
76290202Electrical measuring instrument repair and calibration184
76290203Electronic equipment repair2,116
762903Electrical household appliance repair8,215
76290300Electrical household appliance repair6,832
76290301Lamp repair and mounting97
76290302Telephone set repair724
76290303Vacuum cleaner repair562
762999Electrical repair shops, nec1,880
76299901Aircraft electrical equipment repair124
76299902Business machine repair, electric604
76299903Circuit board repair77
76299904Generator repair259
76299905Telecommunication equipment repair (except telephones)731
76299906Tool repair, electric85