SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7999—Amusement and Recreation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in the operation of sports, amusement, and recreation services, not elsewhere classified, such as bathing beaches, swimming pools, riding academies and schools, carnival operation, exposition operation, horse shows, picnic grounds operation, rental of rowboats and canoes, and shooting galleries. Establishments primarily engaged in showing or handling animals at shows or exhibitions are classified in Agricultural Services, Industry Group 075.

Aerial tramways, amusement or scenicLotteries, operation of
Amusement concessionsLottery club and ticket sales to individuals
Amusement ridesMoped rental
Animal shows in circuses, fairs, and carnivalsMotorcycle rental
Archery ranges, operation ofNatural wonders, tourist attraction: commercial
AstrologersObservation tower operation
Baseball instruction schoolsOff-track betting
Basketball instruction schoolsPack trains for amusement
Bath houses, independently operatedParachute training for pleasure
Bathing beaches, publicPhrenologists
Betting information servicesPicnic grounds operation
Billiard parlorsPing pong parlors
Bingo parlorsPool parlors
Boat rental, pleasureRacquetball courts, except membership clubs
Boats, party fishing: operation ofRental of beach chairs and accessories
BookiesRental of bicycles
Bookmakers, raceRental of golf carts
Bowling instructionRental of rowboats and canoes
Bridge club, nonmembershipRental of saddle horses
Bridge instructionRiding academies and schools
Cable lifts, amusement or scenic: operated separately from lodgesRiding stables
Canoe rentalRiver rafting, operation of
Card roomsRodeo animal rental
Carnival operationRodeos, operation of
Cave operationRoller skating rink operation
Circus companiesScenic railroads for amusement
Concession operators, amusement devices and ridesSchools and camps, sports instructional
Day campsScuba and skin diving instruction
Exhibition operationShooting galleries
Exposition operationShooting ranges, operation of
Fairs, agricultural: operation ofSkating instruction, ice or roller
Fireworks display serviceSkeet shooting facilities, except membership clubs
Fishing piers ant lakes, operation ofSki instruction
Fortune tellersSki lifts, cable lifts, and ski tows operated separately from lodges
Gambling establishments not primarily operating coin-operatedSki rental concessions
Gambling machines, except coin-operated operation ofSlot-car racetracks
Game parlors, except coin-operatedSporting goods rental
Games, teaching ofSports instructors, professional: golf, skiing, swimming, etc.
Gocart raceway operationSports professionals
Gocart rentalsSwimming instruction
Golf courses, miniature operation ofSwimming pools, except membership
Golf driving rangesTennis clubs, nonmembership
Golf professionals not operating retail storesTennis courts, outdoor and indoor operation of, nonmembership
Golf, pitch-n-puttTennis professionals
Gymnastics instructionTicket sales offices for sporting events, contract
Handball courts, except membership clubTourist attractions, natural wonder commercial
Horse showsTourist guides
Houseboat rentalsTrampoline operation
Hunting guidesTrapshooting facilities, except membership club
Ice skating rink operationWaterslides, operation of
Judo instructionWave pools, operation of
Karate instructionWax figure exhibitions
Lifeguard serviceYoga instruction
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7999Amusement and Recreation, Nec109,959
799900Amusement and recreation, nec9,101
79990000Amusement and recreation, nec9,101
799901Tennis services and professionals1,244
79990100Tennis services and professionals703
79990101Tennis club, non-membership80
79990102Tennis courts, outdoor/indoor: non-membership164
79990103Tennis professional297
799902Golf services and professionals5,282
79990200Golf services and professionals3,033
79990201Golf cart, power, rental100
79990202Golf driving range553
79990203Golf professionals1,003
79990204Golf, pitch-n-putt25
79990205Miniature golf course operation568
799903Indoor court clubs155
79990300Indoor court clubs45
79990301Handball courts, non-membership2
79990302Racquetball club, non-membership105
79990303Squash club, non-membership3
799904Table sports parlor operation1,334
79990400Table sports parlor operation29
79990401Billiard parlor1,216
79990402Ping pong parlor3
79990403Pool parlor86
799905Bicycle and motorcycle rental services313
79990500Bicycle and motorcycle rental services44
79990501Bicycle rental183
79990502Moped rental9
79990503Motorcycle rental77
799906Skating rink operation services2,314
79990600Skating rink operation services410
79990601Curling rinks160
79990602Ice skating rink operation595
79990603Roller skating rink operation1,149
799907Shooting facilities and archery lanes968
79990700Shooting facilities and archery lanes106
79990701Archery lanes206
79990702Shooting gallery66
79990703Shooting range operation564
79990704Skeet shooting facility20
79990705Trapshooting facility, non-membership6
799908Card and game services914
79990800Card and game services196
79990801Bingo hall479
79990802Bridge club, non-membership12
79990803Card rooms70
79990804Game parlor157
799909Animal shows/circuses481
79990900Animal shows/circuses45
79990901Animal shows in circuses, fairs, and carnivals47
79990902Circus company204
79990903Horse shows185
799910Exhibition and carnival operation services2,616
79991000Exhibition and carnival operation services155
79991001Agricultural fair261
79991002Air shows64
79991003Carnival operation151
79991004Exhibition operation139
79991005Exposition operation58
79991006Fair, nsk620
79991007Festival operation1,168
799911Instruction schools, camps, and services43,981
79991100Instruction schools, camps, and services1,521
79991101Arts and crafts instruction741
79991102Baseball instruction school182
79991103Basketball instruction school170
79991104Bowling instruction16
79991105Bridge instruction9
79991106Day camp180
79991107Diving instruction, underwater132
79991108Games, instruction85
79991109Gymnastic instruction, non-membership4,497
79991110Hockey instruction school148
79991111Judo instruction177
79991112Karate instruction1,399
79991113Martial arts school, nec14,325
79991114Parachute training, for pleasure188
79991115Sailing instruction105
79991116Scuba and skin diving instruction203
79991117Sewing instruction87
79991118Skating instruction, ice or roller70
79991119Ski instruction89
79991120Sports instruction, schools and camps803
79991121Surfing instruction77
79991122Swimming instruction926
79991123Yoga instruction12,022
79991124Cake or pastry decorating instruction35
79991125Massage instruction321
79991126Photography instruction254
79991127Physical fitness instruction5,219
799912Riding and rodeo services3,932
79991200Riding and rodeo services563
79991201Riding academy and school825
79991202Riding stable2,222
79991203Rodeo animal rental10
79991204Rodeo operation128
79991205Saddlehorse rental184
799913Gambling and lottery services919
79991300Gambling and lottery services110
79991302Gambling establishment528
79991303Gambling machines, operation41
79991304Lottery operation80
79991305Lottery tickets, sale of85
79991306Off-track betting40
799914Beach and water sports equipment rental and services7,341
79991400Beach and water sports equipment rental and services421
79991401Bath house, independent17
79991402Bathing beach, non-membership36
79991403Beach chair and accessory rental25
79991404Fishing boats, party: operation5,075
79991405Fishing lakes and piers, operation322
79991406Houseboat rentals37
79991407Lifeguard service57
79991408Pleasure boat rental339
79991409Rowboat and canoe rental223
79991410Sailboard rental4
79991411Surfing equipment rental18
79991412Swimming pool, non-membership767
799915Tourist attractions, amusement park concessions and rides3,614
79991500Tourist attractions, amusement park concessions and rides1,192
79991501Aerial tramway or ski lift, amusement or scenic69
79991502Amusement concession139
79991503Amusement ride707
79991504Cave operation61
79991505Concession operator176
79991506Go-cart raceway operation and rentals82
79991507Observation tower operation19
79991508Pack train, for amusement5
79991509Scenic railroads for amusement38
79991510Ski rental concession149
79991511Tourist attraction, commercial533
79991512Waterslide operation57
79991513Wave pool operation8
79991514Wax museum, commercial41
79991515Zoological garden, commercial123
79991516Hot air balloon rides215
799916Tour and guide services4,162
79991600Tour and guide services3,313
79991601Hunting guides278
79991602Rafting tours314
79991603Tourist guide201
79991604Trail guide56
799999Amusement and recreation, nec, nec21,288
79999901Art gallery, commercial8,903
79999903Baseball batting cage270
79999904Fireworks display service84
79999905Fortune tellers984
79999906Jukebox rental24
79999907Outfitters, recreation1,273
79999909Picnic ground operation75
79999910Recreation center3,976
79999911Recreation equipment rental134
79999912Recreation services3,585
79999913Slot-car race track21
79999914Sporting goods rental, nec272
79999915Sports professionals, nec294
79999916Ticket sales office for sporting events, contract838
79999917Trampoline operation231
79999918Night club, not serving alcoholic beverages45