SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7041—Organization Hotels and Lodging Houses, on Membership Basis
Lodging houses and hotels operated by membership organizations for the benefit of their constituents, and not open to the general public. Commercial hotels operated by such organizations are classified in Industry 7011 and commercial rooming and boarding houses are classified in Industry 7021. Residential homes for the aged and handicapped are classified in Industry 8361.

Boarding houses operated by organizations for members onlyResidence clubs operated by organizations for members only
Boarding houses, fraternity and sororityRooming houses operated by organizations for members only
Fraternity residential housesRooming houses, fraternity and sorority
Hotels operated by organizations for members onlySorority residential houses
Lodging houses operated by organizations for members only
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7041Membership-basis Organization Hotels1,528
704100Membership-basis organization hotels281
70410000Membership-basis organization hotels281
704101Fraternities and sororities558
70410100Fraternities and sororities373
70410101Boarding house, fraternity and sorority48
70410102Fraternity residential house47
70410103Sorority residential house90
704102Rooming houses473
70410200Rooming houses97
70410201Boarding house, organization142
70410202Lodging house, organization234
704199Membership-basis organization hotels, nec216
70419901Residence club, organization216