SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7699—Repair Shops and Related Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in specialized repair services, not elsewhere classified, such as bicycle repair; leather goods repair; lock and gun repair, including the making of lock parts or gun parts to individual order; musical instrument repair; septic tank cleaning; farm machinery repair; furnace cleaning; motorcycle repair; tank truck cleaning; taxidermists; tractor repair; and typewriter repair.

Agricultural equipment repairMedical equipment repair, except electric
Antique repair and restoration, except furniture and automotiveMeteorological instrument repair
Awning repair shopsMicroscope repair
Beer pump coil cleaning and repair serviceMirror repair shops
Bicycle repair shopsMotorcycle repair service
Binoculars and other optical goods repairMusical instrument repair shops
Blacksmith shopsNautical and navigational instrument repair, except electric
Boiler cleaningOrgan tuning and repair
Boiler repair shops except manufacturingPiano tuning and repair
Bowling pins, refinishing or repairPicture framing to individual order, not connected with retail art
Camera repair shopsPicture framing, custom
Catch basin cleaningPocketbook repair shops
Cesspool cleaningPrecision instrument repair
China firing and decorating to individual orderRebabbitting
Cleaning and reglazing of baking pansReneedling work
Cleaning bricksRepair of optical instruments
Coppersmithing repair, except constructionRepair of photographic equipment
Covering textile rollsRepair of service station equipment
Dental instrument repairRepair of speedometers
Drafting instrument repairRug repair shops, not combined with cleaning
Engine repair, except automotiveSaddlery repair shops
Farm machinery repairScale repair service
Farriers (blacksmith shops)Scientific instrument repair, except electric
Fire control (military) equipment repairSeptic tank cleaning service
Furnace and chimney cleaningSewer cleaning and rodding
Furnace cleaning serviceSewing machine repair shops
Gas appliance repair serviceSharpening and repairing knives, saws, and tools
Glazing and cleaning baking pansShip boiler and tank cleaning and repair—contractors
Gun parts made to individual orderShip scaling—contractors
Gunsmith shopsStove repair shops
Harness repair shopsSurgical instrument repair
HorseshoeingSurveying instrument repair
Industrial truck repairTank and boiler cleaning service
Key duplicating shopsTank truck cleaning service
Laboratory instrument repair, except electricTaxidermists
Lawnmower repair shopsTent repair shops
Leather goods repair shopsThermostat repair
Lock parts made to individual orderTinsmithing repair, except construction
Locksmith shopsTractor repair
Luggage repair shopsTuning of pianos and organs
Machinery cleaningTypewriter repair, including electric
Mattress renovating and repair shopsVenetian blind repair shops
Measuring and controlling instrument repair, mechanicalWindow shade repair shops
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7699Repair Services, Nec245,415
769900Repair services, nec53,162
76990000Repair services, nec53,162
769901Professional instrument repair services2,516
76990100Professional instrument repair services1,533
76990101Caliper, gauge, and other machinists' instrument repair73
76990102Dental instrument repair243
76990103Drafting instrument repair87
76990104Mechanical instrument repair420
76990105Meteorological instrument repair14
76990106Optical instrument repair62
76990107Precision instrument repair64
76990108Surveying instrument repair20
769902Tank repair and cleaning services452
76990200Tank repair and cleaning services221
76990201Tank repair139
76990202Tank truck cleaning service92
769903Boiler and heating repair services875
76990300Boiler and heating repair services414
76990301Boiler repair shop287
76990302Oil burner repair service88
76990303Tank and boiler cleaning service69
76990304Thermostat repair17
769904Waste cleaning services10,938
76990400Waste cleaning services615
76990401Cesspool cleaning100
76990402Septic tank cleaning service5,530
76990403Sewer cleaning and rodding4,693
769905Industrial equipment services13,580
76990500Industrial equipment services1,356
76990501Compressor repair403
76990502Engine repair and replacement, non-automotive1,265
76990503Industrial equipment cleaning155
76990504Industrial machinery and equipment repair9,453
76990505Industrial tool grinding96
76990506Industrial truck repair533
76990507Pallet repair131
76990508Valve repair, industrial188
769906Nautical repair services3,898
76990600Nautical repair services241
76990601Boat repair2,832
76990602Marine engine repair631
76990603Marine propeller repair106
76990604Nautical and navigational instrument repair30
76990605Ship boiler and tank cleaning and repair, contractors48
76990606Ship scaling, contractors10
769907Hospital equipment repair services1,092
76990700Hospital equipment repair services304
76990701Medical equipment repair, non-electric615
76990702Surgical instrument repair60
76990703X-ray equipment repair113
769908Scientific equipment repair service329
76990800Scientific equipment repair service92
76990801Laboratory instrument repair108
76990802Microscope repair129
769909Recreational sporting equipment repair services1,451
76990900Recreational sporting equipment repair services415
76990901Bicycle repair shop376
76990902Billiard table repair288
76990903Bowling pins, refinishing or repair13
76990904Fishing equipment repair49
76990905Golf club and equipment repair197
76990906Racquet restringing and equipment repair25
76990907Saddlery repair shop60
76990908Skate sharpening19
76990909Tent repair shop9
769910Musical instrument repair services3,081
76991000Musical instrument repair services734
76991001Organ tuning and repair178
76991002Piano tuning and repair2,169
769911Lock and key services10,101
76991100Lock and key services1,222
76991101Key duplicating shop55
76991102Lock parts made to individual order15
76991103Locksmith shop8,809
769912Metal reshaping and replating services1,328
76991200Metal reshaping and replating services158
76991201Blacksmith shop330
76991202Coppersmithing, repair work14
76991205Replating shop, except silverware51
76991206Silverware replating and repair7
76991207Tinsmithing, repair work5
769913Recreational vehicle repair services4,044
76991300Recreational vehicle repair services292
76991301Mobile home repair358
76991302Motorcycle repair service3,312
76991303Snowmobile repair82
769914Agricultural equipment repair services2,467
76991400Agricultural equipment repair services838
76991401Farm machinery repair901
76991402Tractor repair728
769915Photographic and optical goods equipment repair services263
76991500Photographic and optical goods equipment repair services47
76991501Binoculars and other optical goods repair27
76991502Camera repair shop137
76991503Photographic equipment repair52
769916Household appliance repair services2,631
76991600Household appliance repair services2,178
76991601Gas appliance repair service109
76991602Sewing machine repair shop318
76991603Stove repair shop26
769917Cleaning services97,587
76991700Cleaning services97,226
76991701Baking pan glazing and cleaning25
76991702Beer pump coil cleaning and repair service100
76991703Brick cleaning52
76991704Catch basin cleaning15
76991705Filter cleaning100
76991706Machinery cleaning69
769918General household repair services13,337
76991800General household repair services4,449
76991801Awning repair shop60
76991802China and glass repair93
76991803China firing and decorating to individual order6
76991804Door and window repair588
76991805Garage door repair3,330
76991806Lawn mower repair shop2,012
76991807Mattress renovating and repair shop13
76991808Mirror repair shop22
76991809Picture framing, custom2,493
76991810Reneedling work0
76991811Rug repair shop, not combined with cleaning69
76991812Scale repair service202
769919Leather goods and luggage repair services363
76991900Leather goods and luggage repair services46
76991901Leather goods, cleaning and repair270
76991902Luggage repair shop44
76991903Pocketbook repair shop3
769920Customizing services728
76992000Customizing services274
76992001Antique repair and restoration, except furniture, autos289
76992002Office equipment and accessory customizing114
76992003Railroad car customizing51
769921Gun services3,625
76992100Gun services1,660
76992101Gun parts made to individual order43
76992102Gunsmith shop1,922
769922Aircraft and heavy equipment repair services6,771
76992200Aircraft and heavy equipment repair services2,198
76992201Aircraft flight instrument repair128
76992202Aviation propeller and blade repair125
76992203Construction equipment repair481
76992204Fire control (military) equipment repair63
76992205Geophysical equipment repair10
76992206Hydraulic equipment repair1,270
76992207Life saving and survival equipment, non-medical: repair76
76992208Printing trades machinery and equipment repair300
76992209Pumps and pumping equipment repair936
76992210Restaurant equipment repair774
76992211Service station equipment repair158
76992212Welding equipment repair252
769923Tool repair services2,610
76992300Tool repair services868
76992301Knife, saw and tool sharpening and repair1,597
76992302Power tool repair145
769924Miscellaneous automotive repair services774
76992400Miscellaneous automotive repair services540
76992401Balancing service76
76992402Battery service and repair116
76992403Speedometer repair42
769925Miscellaneous building item repair services1,242
76992500Miscellaneous building item repair services190
76992501Elevators: inspection, service, and repair889
76992502Fountain repair19
76992503Vending machine repair144
769926Window blind repair services135
76992600Window blind repair services123
76992601Venetian blind repair shop12
769927Hobby and collectors services4,747
76992700Hobby and collectors services348
76992701Doll and accessory repair53
769999Repair services, nec, nec1,288
76999901Cash register repair384
76999902Fountain pen repair shop5
76999903Harness repair shop17
76999904Horse drawn vehicle repair75
76999905Photocopy machine repair229
76999906Plastics products repair37
76999907Rubber product repair25
76999908Shopping cart repair51
76999909Snowblower repair53
76999910Textile roll covering6
76999911Typewriter repair, including electric110
76999912Umbrella repair shop1
76999913Wheel and caster repair164
76999914Automated teller machine (ATM) repair131