SIC Industry Description

Industry: 8351—Child Day Care Services
Establishments primarily engaged in the care of infants or children, or in providing prekindergarten education, where medical care or delinquency correction is not a major element. These establishments may or may not have substantial educational programs. These establishments generally care for prekindergarten or preschool children, but may care for older children when they are not in school. Establishments providing babysitting services are classified in Industry 7299. Head Start centers operating in conjunction with elementary schools are classified in Industry 8211.

Child care centersHead Start centers, except in conjunction with schools
Day care centers, childNursery schools
Group day care centers, childPreschool centers
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
8351Child Day Care Services110,468
835100Child day care services63,092
83510000Child day care services63,092
835199Child day care services, nec47,376
83519901Group day care center14,340
83519902Head Start center, except in conjunction with school3,560
83519903Montessori child development center3,549
83519904Nursery school2,102
83519905Preschool center23,825