Industry: 8399—Social Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in providing social services, not elsewhere classified, including establishments primarily engaged in community improvement and social change. Organizations primarily engaged in soliciting contributions on their own account and administering appropriations and allocating funds among other agencies engaged in social welfare services are also included, but foundations and philanthropic trusts are classified in Finance, Industry 6732. Civic, social, and fraternal organizations are classified in Industry 8641; political organizations are classified in Industry 8651; and establishments which raise funds on a contract basis are classified in Industry 7389.

Advocacy groupsHealth and welfare councils
Antipoverty boardsHealth systems agencies
Community action agenciesRegional planning organizations, for social services
Community chestsSocial change associations
Community development groupsSocial service information exchanges: e.g., alcoholism, drug addiction
Councils for social agencies, exceptional children, and povertyUnited fund councils
Fundraising organizations, except on a contract or fee basis
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
8399Social Services, Nec29,102
839900Social services, nec6,507
83990000Social services, nec6,507
839901Community development groups9,028
83990100Community development groups6,102
83990101Community action agency2,207
83990102Community chest140
83990103Neighborhood development group579
839999Social services, nec, nec13,567
83999901Advocacy group4,016
83999902Antipoverty board141
83999903Council for social agency1,479
83999904Fund raising organization, non-fee basis3,504
83999905Health and welfare council906
83999906Health systems agency1,116
83999907Regional planning organization163
83999908Social change association1,113
83999909Social service information exchange974
83999910United Fund councils155