SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7622—Radio and Television Repair Shops
Establishments primarily engaged in repairing radios, televisions, phonographs, stereo equipment, and tape recorders. Also included are establishments engaged in installing and repairing television, amateur, and citizens'band antennas; or in installing and servicing radio transmitting and receiving equipment in homes, offices, boats, automobiles, or other vehicles. Establishments primarily engaged in installation, repair, or maintenance of radio and television broadcast transmitting antennas and towers are classified in Construction, Division C.

Aircraft radio equipment repairPublic address system repair
Antennas, household: installation and serviceRadio and television receiver installation
Automotive radio repair shopsRadio repair shops
Citizens' band (CB) antennas, installation ofStereophonic equipment repair
Intercommunications equipment repairTelevision repair shops
Phonograph repair: stereo, hi-fi, and tape recorderVideo recorder or player repair
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7622Radio and Television Repair5,115
762200Radio and television repair796
76220000Radio and television repair796
762201Communication equipment repair424
76220100Communication equipment repair287
76220101Aircraft radio equipment repair33
76220102Intercommunication equipment repair98
76220103Public address system repair6
762202Radio repair and installation734
76220200Radio repair and installation116
76220201Automotive radio repair70
76220202Radio and television receiver installation155
76220203Radio repair shop, nec393
762203Home entertainment repair services2,933
76220300Home entertainment repair services206
76220301Phonograph repair3
76220302Stereophonic equipment repair173
76220303Tape recorder repair21
76220304Television repair shop2,259
76220305Video repair271
762204Antenna repair and installation228
76220400Antenna repair and installation128
76220401Antenna repair20
76220402Household antenna installation and service54
76220403Installation of citizens band (CB) antennas26