SIC Industry Description

Industry: 8731—Commercial Physical and Biological Research
Establishments primarily engaged in commercial physical and biological research and development on a contract or fee basis. Noncommercial research establishments funded by endowments, grants, or contributions are classified in Industry 8733. Separate establishments of aircraft, guided missile, or spacecraft manufacturers primarily engaged in research and development on these products are classified in Manufacturing, Major Group 37.

Agricultural research, commercialFood research commercial
Biological research commercialIndustrial laboratories commercial research: except testing
Chemical laboratories, commercial research except testingPhysical research commercial
Engineering laboratories, commercial research: except testingResearch and development physical and biological: commercial
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
8731Commercial Physical Research24,161
873100Commercial physical research7,540
87310000Commercial physical research7,540
873101Biological research9,729
87310100Biological research1,664
87310101Agricultural research614
87310102Biotechnical research, commercial7,296
87310103Food research155
873102Commercial physical research2,502
87310200Commercial physical research772
87310201Chemical laboratory, except testing159
87310202Commercial research laboratory759
87310203Computer (hardware) development537
87310204Engineering laboratory, except testing233
87310205Industrial laboratory, except testing42
873103Natural resource research2,199
87310300Natural resource research284
87310301Energy research929
87310302Environmental research986
873199Commercial physical research, nec2,191
87319901Electronic research599
87319902Medical research, commercial1,592