SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7213—Linen Supply
Establishments primarily engaged in supplying to commercial establishments or household users, on a rental basis, such laundered items as uniforms, gowns, and coats of the type used by doctors, nurses, barbers, beauticians, and waitresses; and table linens, bed linens, towels and toweling, and similar items. Establishments included in this industry may or may not operate their own laundry facilities. Establishments primarily engaged in providing diaper service are classified in Industry 7219.

Apron supply serviceShirt supply service
Coat supply serviceTable cover supply service
Continuous towel supply serviceTowel supply service, except wiping
Gown supply service, uniformUniform supply service, except industrial
Linen supply service
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7213Linen Supply1,772
721300Linen supply824
72130000Linen supply824
721301Linen supply, non-clothing132
72130100Linen supply, non-clothing45
72130101Table cover supply20
72130102Towel supply67
721302Linen supply, clothing816
72130200Linen supply, clothing30
72130201Apron supply72
72130202Coat supply28
72130203Shirt supply31
72130204Uniform supply655