Industry: 7032—Sporting and Recreational Camps
Establishments primarily engaged in operating sporting and recreational camps, such as boys'and girls'camps, and fishing and hunting camps. Establishments primarily engaged in operating sports instructional camps, such as baseball, basketball, football, or karate camps, and those operating day camps are classified in Industry 7999.

Boys' campsGirls' camps
Camps, sporting and recreationalHunting camps
Dude ranchesNudist camps
Fishing campsSummer camps, except day and sports instructional
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7032Sporting and Recreational Camps8,098
703200Sporting and recreational camps3,752
70320000Sporting and recreational camps3,752
703201Recreational camps1,621
70320100Recreational camps856
70320101Cabin camp113
70320102Dude ranch629
70320103Nudist camp23
703202Youth camps1,444
70320200Youth camps588
70320201Boys' camp194
70320202Girls' camp66
70320203Summer camp, except day and sports instructional596
703203Sporting camps793
70320300Sporting camps301
70320301Fishing camp323
70320302Hunting camp169
703299Sporting and recreational camps, nec488
70329901Bible camp488