35 - Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
35Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment78,262
3511Turbines and Turbine Generator Sets636
351100Turbines and turbine generator sets363
35110000Turbines and turbine generator sets363
351101Turbines and turbine generator set units, complete111
35110100Turbines and turbine generator set units, complete34
35110101Gas turbine generator set units, complete51
35110102Hydraulic turbine generator set units, complete16
35110103Steam turbine generator set units, complete10
351102Turbines and turbine generator sets and parts162
35110200Turbines and turbine generator sets and parts48
35110201Gas turbines, mechanical drive21
35110202Hydraulic turbines28
35110203Steam engines18
35110204Steam governors0
35110205Steam turbines28
35110207Wheels, water1
3519Internal Combustion Engines, Nec921
351900Internal combustion engines, nec377
35190000Internal combustion engines, nec377
351901Diesel, semi-diesel, or duel-fuel engines, including marine292
35190100Diesel, semi-diesel, or duel-fuel engines, including marine68
35190101Diesel engine rebuilding98
35190102Engines, diesel and semi-diesel or dual-fuel57
35190103Marine engines69
351902Parts and accessories, internal combustion engines96
35190200Parts and accessories, internal combustion engines65
35190201Controls, remote, for boats10
35190202Engine starters, pneumatic7
35190203Governors, diesel engine5
35190204Governors, pump, for diesel engines6
35190205Radiators, stationary engine3
351999Internal combustion engines, nec, nec156
35199901Gas engine rebuilding42
35199902Gasoline engines56
35199903Jet propulsion engines22
35199904Outboard motors36
3523Farm Machinery and Equipment3,071
352300Farm machinery and equipment1,507
35230000Farm machinery and equipment1,507
352301Planting, haying, harvesting, and processing machinery483
35230100Planting, haying, harvesting, and processing machinery43
35230101Balers, farm: hay, straw, cotton, etc.37
35230102Cleaning machines for fruits, grains, and vegetables6
35230103Combines (harvester-threshers)10
35230104Corn pickers and shellers1
35230105Cotton pickers and strippers6
35230106Driers (farm): grain, hay, and seed206
35230107Grading, cleaning, sorting machines, fruit, grain, vegetable18
35230108Grain stackers8
35230109Harvesters, fruit, vegetable, tobacco, etc.57
35230110Haying machines: mowers, rakes, stackers, etc.13
35230111Hulling machinery, agricultural10
35230112Peanut combines, diggers, packers, and threshers8
35230113Planting machines, agricultural22
35230114Potato diggers, harvesters, and planters15
35230115Shakers, tree: nuts, fruits, etc.5
35230116Tobacco curers3
352302Soil preparation machinery, except turf and grounds50
35230200Soil preparation machinery, except turf and grounds23
35230201Harrows: disc, spring, tine, etc.4
35230202Plows, agricultural: disc, moldboard, chisel, listers, etc.13
35230203Weeding machines, agricultural10
352303Fertilizing, spraying, dusting, and irrigation machinery247
35230300Fertilizing, spraying, dusting, and irrigation machinery49
35230301Dusters, mechanical: agricultural5
35230302Fertilizing machinery, farm26
35230303Irrigation equipment, self-propelled76
35230304Sprayers and spraying machines, agricultural72
35230305Spreaders, fertilizer19
352304Barn, silo, poultry, dairy, and livestock machinery415
35230400Barn, silo, poultry, dairy, and livestock machinery89
35230401Barn cleaners11
35230402Barn stanchions and standards12
35230403Blowers, forage4
35230404Cattle feeding, handling, and watering equipment103
35230405Clippers, for animal use: hand or electric6
35230407Crop storage bins14
35230408Cutters and blowers, ensilage1
35230409Dairy equipment (farm), nec52
35230410Feed grinders, crushers, and mixers20
35230411Hog feeding, handling, and watering equipment22
35230412Incubators and brooders, farm12
35230413Loaders, farm type: manure, general utility27
35230414Milking machines4
35230415Poultry brooders, feeders and waterers19
35230416Sheep shears, power1
35230417Silo fillers and unloaders7
35230418Water troughs9
35230419Livestock treadmills2
352305Turf and grounds equipment125
35230500Turf and grounds equipment53
35230501Greens mowing equipment12
35230502Grounds mowing equipment29
35230503Turf equipment, commercial31
352399Farm machinery and equipment, nec244
35239901Cabs, tractors, and agricultural machinery43
35239902Elevators, farm17
35239903Soil sampling machines10
35239904Tractors, farm59
35239905Trailers and wagons, farm80
35239906Windmills for pumping water, agricultural35
3524Lawn and Garden Equipment663
352400Lawn and garden equipment390
35240000Lawn and garden equipment390
352401Lawn and garden tractors and equipment59
35240100Lawn and garden tractors and equipment48
35240101Cultivators (garden tractor equipment)3
35240102Loaders (garden tractor equipment)2
35240103Plows (garden tractor equipment)2
35240104Rototillers (garden machinery)4
352402Lawn and garden mowers and accessories165
35240200Lawn and garden mowers and accessories83
35240201Grass catchers, lawn mower43
35240202Lawnmowers, residential: hand or power39
352499Lawn and garden equipment, nec49
35249901Blowers and vacuums, lawn13
35249902Carts or wagons for lawn and garden11
35249903Edgers, lawn4
35249904Hedge trimmers, electric3
35249905Rollers, lawn2
35249906Snowblowers and throwers, residential16
3531Construction Machinery3,803
353100Construction machinery962
35310000Construction machinery962
353101Forestry related equipment82
35310100Forestry related equipment29
35310101Chippers: brush, limb, and log11
35310102Log splitters13
35310103Logging equipment29
353102Marine related equipment143
35310200Marine related equipment133
35310201Capstans, ship1
35310202Cranes, ship5
35310203Ship winches4
353103Railroad related equipment60
35310300Railroad related equipment23
35310301Ballast distributors10
35310302Cranes, locomotive8
35310303Laying equipment, rail2
35310304Railway track equipment17
353104Bituminous, cement and concrete related products and equip.771
35310400Bituminous, cement and concrete related products and equip.33
35310401Asphalt plant, including gravel-mix type77
35310402Batching plants, for aggregate concrete and bulk cement19
35310403Bituminous batching plants0
35310404Cement silos (batch plant)2
35310405Concrete buggies, powered2
35310406Concrete grouting equipment12
35310407Concrete gunning equipment4
35310408Concrete plants59
35310409Finishers, concrete and bituminous: powered9
35310410Mixers, bituminous1
35310411Mixers, concrete35
35310413Paving breakers6
35310414Planers, bituminous3
35310415Screeds and screeding machines4
35310416Surfacers, concrete grinding18
35310417Vibrators for concrete construction11
353105Scrapers, graders, rollers, and similar equipment85
35310500Scrapers, graders, rollers, and similar equipment13
35310501Backfillers, self-propelled3
35310502Finishers and spreaders (construction equipment)15
35310503Graders, road (construction machinery)18
35310504Ladder ditchers, vertical boom or wheel6
35310505Line markers, self-propelled6
35310506Pile drivers (construction machinery)6
35310508Rollers, road: steam or other power4
35310509Rollers, sheepsfoot and vibratory2
35310511Scrapers (construction machinery)7
35310512Tampers, powered3
353106Backhoes, tractors, cranes, plows, and similar equipment929
35310600Backhoes, tractors, cranes, plows, and similar equipment60
35310602Bulldozers (construction machinery)36
35310603Crane carriers29
35310604Cranes, nec134
35310605Dozers, tractor mounted: material moving16
35310606Draglines, powered2
35310607Dredging machinery14
35310608Entrenching machines9
35310609Excavators: cable, clamshell, crane, derrick, dragline, etc.32
35310610Loaders, shovel: self-propelled6
35310611Shovel loaders1
35310613Subgraders (construction equipment)7
35310614Tractors, construction29
35310615Tractors, crawler5
35310616Tractors, tracklaying5
35310617Trucks, off-highway19
35310618Tunneling machinery9
353107Crushers, grinders, and similar equipment82
35310700Crushers, grinders, and similar equipment17
35310701Crushers, portable1
35310702Grinders, stone: portable3
35310703Hammer mills (rock and ore crushing machines), portable13
35310704Mixers, nec: ore, plaster, slag, sand, mortar, etc.17
35310705Posthole diggers, powered4
35310706Rock crushing machinery, portable19
35310707Screeners, portable2
35310708Soil compactors: vibratory5
35310709Stone pulverizers, portable1
353108Construction machinery attachments322
35310800Construction machinery attachments62
35310801Aggregate spreaders5
35310802Backhoe mounted, hydraulically powered attachments8
35310803Blades for graders, scrapers, dozers, and snow plows38
35310804Bucket or scarifier teeth3
35310805Buckets, excavating: clamshell, concrete, dragline, etc.31
35310806Cabs, for construction machinery6
35310807Drags, road (construction and road maintenance equipment)32
35310808Grader attachments, elevating2
35310809Grapples: rock, wood, etc.5
35310810Plows: construction, excavating, and grading67
35310811Rakes, land clearing: mechanical18
35310812Snow plow attachments23
35310813Subsoiler attachments, tractor mounted3
353199Construction machinery, nec367
35319901Aerial work platforms: hydraulic/elec. truck/carrier mounted35
35319902Airport construction machinery8
35319903Automobile wrecker hoists133
35319904Catch basin cleaners2
35319905Chip spreaders, self-propelled0
35319906Derricks, except oil and gas field13
35319907Mud jacks7
35319908Road construction and maintenance machinery97
35319909Roofing equipment66
35319910Wellpoint systems6
3532Mining Machinery538
353200Mining machinery250
35320000Mining machinery250
353201Drills, bits, and similar equipment124
35320100Drills, bits, and similar equipment37
35320101Auger mining equipment15
35320102Bits, except oil and gas field tools, rock12
35320103Drills (portable), rock11
35320104Drills and drilling equipment, mining (except oil and gas)42
35320105Drills, core7
353202Mineral beneficiation equipment41
35320200Mineral beneficiation equipment10
35320201Amalgamators (metallurgical or mining machinery)3
35320202Clarifying machinery, mineral2
35320203Classifiers (metallurgical or mining machinery)3
35320204Cleaning machinery, mineral6
35320205Concentration machinery (metallurgical or mining)2
35320206Flotation machinery (mining machinery)3
35320207Sedimentation machinery, mineral5
35320208Separating machinery, mineral4
35320209Washers, aggregate and sand3
353203Crushing, pulverizing, and screening equipment52
35320300Crushing, pulverizing, and screening equipment15
35320301Coal breakers, cutters, and pulverizers4
35320302Crushers, stationary7
35320303Grinders, stone: stationary4
35320304Pulverizers (stationary), stone8
35320305Rock crushing machinery, stationary10
35320306Screeners, stationary4
353204Mine cars, plows, loaders, feeders, and similar equipment66
35320400Mine cars, plows, loaders, feeders, and similar equipment7
35320401Cages, mine shaft4
35320403Cars, mining3
35320404Feeders, ore and aggregate11
35320405Loading machines, underground: mobile3
35320406Pellet mills (mining machinery)23
35320407Plows, coal3
35320408Scraper loaders, underground0
35320409Shuttle cars, underground5
35320410Trucks (dollies), mining4
353299Mining machinery, nec5
35329901Stamping mill machinery (mining machinery)5
3533Oil and Gas Field Machinery1,669
353300Oil and gas field machinery758
35330000Oil and gas field machinery758
353301Oil and gas drilling rigs and equipment288
35330100Oil and gas drilling rigs and equipment154
35330101Bits, oil and gas field tools: rock31
35330102Drill rigs25
35330103Drilling tools for gas, oil, or water wells78
353399Oil and gas field machinery, nec623
35339901Derricks, oil or gas field14
35339902Gas field machinery and equipment49
35339903Oil field machinery and equipment488
35339904Water well drilling equipment56
35339905Well logging equipment8
35339906Well surveying equipment8
3534Elevators and Moving Stairways411
353400Elevators and moving stairways207
35340000Elevators and moving stairways207
353401Elevators and equipment186
35340100Elevators and equipment156
35340101Automobile elevators6
35340102Stair elevators, motor powered24
353499Elevators and moving stairways, nec18
35349902Escalators, passenger and freight10
35349903Walkways, moving3
3535Conveyors and Conveying Equipment934
353500Conveyors and conveying equipment659
35350000Conveyors and conveying equipment659
353501Unit handling conveying systems161
35350100Unit handling conveying systems37
35350101Belt conveyor systems, general industrial use68
35350102Passenger baggage belt loaders3
35350103Pneumatic tube conveyor systems51
35350104Tow conveyors1
35350105Trolley conveyors1
353599Conveyors and conveying equipment, nec114
35359901Bucket type conveyor systems16
35359902Bulk handling conveyor systems40
35359903Overhead conveyor systems8
35359904Robotic conveyors50
3536Hoists, Cranes, and Monorails508
353600Hoists, cranes, and monorails185
35360000Hoists, cranes, and monorails185
35360101Boat lifts138
35360103Hand hoists6
35360104Hoisting slings10
35360105Mine hoists2
353602Cranes and monorail systems110
35360200Cranes and monorail systems17
35360201Cranes, industrial plant41
35360202Cranes, overhead traveling50
35360203Monorail systems2
3537Industrial Trucks and Tractors1,612
353700Industrial trucks and tractors426
35370000Industrial trucks and tractors426
353701Platforms, stands, tables, pallets, and similar equipment175
35370100Platforms, stands, tables, pallets, and similar equipment24
35370101Aircraft engine cradles4
35370102Containers (metal), air cargo35
35370103Cradles, boat4
35370104Cradles, drum3
35370105Engine stands and racks, metal10
35370106Loading docks: portable, adjustable, and hydraulic35
35370107Pallets, metal14
35370108Platforms, cargo6
35370109Skid boxes, metal1
35370110Skids, metal13
35370111Stands, ground servicing aircraft11
35370112Tables, lift: hydraulic15
353702Trucks, tractors, loaders, carriers, and similar equipment1,011
35370200Trucks, tractors, loaders, carriers, and similar equipment220
35370201Aircraft loading hoists7
35370202Bomb lifts and trucks2
35370203Cabs, for industrial trucks and tractors12
35370204Cars and trucks, for industrial mining8
35370205Cranes, industrial truck29
35370206Die and strip handlers0
35370207Dollies (hand or power trucks), industrial,except mining24
35370208Forklift trucks264
35370209Hoppers, end dump4
35370210Lift trucks, industrial: fork, platform, straddle, etc.143
35370211Pallet loaders and unloaders6
35370212Palletizers and depalletizers8
35370213Stackers, power (industrial truck stackers)3
35370214Stacking machines, automatic4
35370215Straddle carriers, mobile4
35370216Tractors, used in plants, docks,terminals, etc.: industrial14
35370217Truck trailers, used in plants, docks, terminals, etc.42
35370218Trucks: freight, baggage, etc.: industrial, except mining217
3541Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Type2,328
354100Machine tools, metal cutting type954
35410000Machine tools, metal cutting type954
354101Drilling and boring machines232
35410100Drilling and boring machines105
35410101Boring mills14
35410102Broaching machines16
35410103Countersinking machines0
35410104Cylinder reboring machines1
35410105Drill presses9
35410106Drilling machine tools (metal cutting)47
35410107Jig boring and grinding machines8
35410108Reaming machines2
35410109Vertical turning and boring machines (metalworking)30
354102Grinding, polishing, buffing, lapping, and honing machines161
35410200Grinding, polishing, buffing, lapping, and honing machines22
35410201Brushing machines (metalworking machinery)4
35410202Buffing and polishing machines8
35410203Crankshaft regrinding machines5
35410204Deburring machines28
35410205Facing machines0
35410206Flange facing machines3
35410207Grinding machines, metalworking77
35410208Honing and lapping machines9
35410209Lapping machines4
35410210Pointing and burring machines1
354103Milling machines95
35410300Milling machines78
35410301Chemical milling machines4
35410302Die sinking machines5
35410303Electrochemical milling machines8
35410401Chucking machines, automatic1
35410402Lathes, metal cutting and polishing16
35410403Turret lathes2
354105Screw and thread machines77
35410500Screw and thread machines8
35410501Pipe cutting and threading machines17
35410502Screw and nut slotting machines3
35410503Screw machines, automatic41
35410504Tapping machines8
354106Saws and sawing machines56
35410600Saws and sawing machines24
35410601Cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)12
35410602Sawing and cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)13
35410603Saws, power (metalworking machinery)7
354199Machine tools, metal cutting type, nec561
35419901Centering machines7
35419902Electrical discharge erosion machines20
35419903Electrolytic metal cutting machine tools11
35419904Electron-discharge metal cutting machine tools4
35419905Gear cutting and finishing machines23
35419906Home workshop machine tools, metalworking36
35419907Keysetting machines3
35419908Machine tool replacement & repair parts, metal cutting types306
35419909Machine tools, metal cutting: exotic (explosive, etc.)55
35419910Numerically controlled metal cutting machine tools49
35419911Planers (metal cutting machine tools)6
35419912Plasma process metal cutting machines27
35419913Robots for drilling, cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.5
35419914Shaving machines (metalworking)3
35419915Ultrasonic metal cutting machine tools6
3542Machine Tools, Metal Forming Type833
354200Machine tools, metal forming type324
35420000Machine tools, metal forming type324
354201Punching, shearing, and bending machines45
35420100Punching, shearing, and bending machines5
35420101Bending machines24
35420102Punching and shearing machines5
35420103Shearing machines, power7
35420104Swaging machines4
354202Pressing machines117
35420200Pressing machines15
35420201Arbor presses3
35420202Crimping machinery, metal5
35420203Press brakes10
35420204Presses: forming, stamping, punching, sizing (machine tools)31
35420205Presses: hydraulic and pneumatic, mechanical and manual53
354203Die casting and extruding machines57
35420300Die casting and extruding machines10
35420301Die casting machines35
35420302Extruding machines (machine tools), metal12
354204Spinning, spline rolling, and winding machines37
35420400Spinning, spline rolling, and winding machines11
35420401Spinning lathes6
35420402Spinning machines, metal7
35420403Spline rolling machines4
35420404Spring winding and forming machines1
35420405Thread rolling machines8
354205Knurling and beading machines16
35420501Beaders, metal (machines)0
35420502Knurling machines1
35420503Marking machines8
35420504Metal deposit forming machines6
354299Machine tools, metal forming type, nec237
35429901Brakes, metal forming18
35429902Bulldozers (metalworking machinery)2
35429904Elastic membrane metal forming machines3
35429905Electroforming machines9
35429906Forging machinery and hammers10
35429907Gear rolling machines3
35429909High energy rate metal forming machines17
35429910Magnetic forming machines15
35429911Mechanical (pneumatic or hydraulic) metal forming machines42
35429912Metal container making machines: cans, etc.8
35429913Nail heading machines3
35429914Plasma jet spray metal forming machines4
35429915Rebuilt machine tools, metal forming types24
35429916Riveting machines9
35429917Robots for metal forming: pressing, extruding, etc.6
35429918Sheet metalworking machines37
35429919Shock wave metal forming machines1
35429920Stretching machines1
35429921Ultrasonically assisted metal forming machines0
35429922Upsetters (forging machines)1
3543Industrial Patterns658
354300Industrial patterns558
35430000Industrial patterns558
354399Industrial patterns, nec100
35439901Foundry cores25
35439902Foundry patternmaking75
3544Special Dies, Tools, Jigs, and Fixtures4,844
354400Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures1,580
35440000Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures1,580
354401Special dies and tools1,855
35440100Special dies and tools1,402
35440101Diamond dies, metalworking11
35440102Die sets for metal stamping (presses)85
35440103Die springs2
35440104Dies and die holders for metal cutting, forming, die casting113
35440105Dies, plastics forming69
35440106Dies, steel rule102
35440107Extrusion dies41
35440108Paper cutting dies12
35440109Wire drawing and straightening dies18
354402Jigs and fixtures110
35440200Jigs and fixtures95
35440201Jigs: inspection, gauging, and checking5
35440202Welding positioners (jigs)10
354499Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures, nec1,299
35449901Forms (molds), for foundry and plastics working machinery289
35449902Industrial molds971
35449903Punches, forming and stamping34
35449904Subpresses, metalworking5
3545Machine Tool Accessories2,446
354500Machine tool accessories660
35450000Machine tool accessories660
354501Precision measuring tools453
35450100Precision measuring tools79
35450101Calipers and dividers4
35450102Comparators (machinists' precision tools)8
35450103Gauge blocks4
35450105Measuring tools and machines, machinists' metalworking type41
35450107Precision tools, machinists'272
35450108Scales, measuring (machinists' precision tools)39
35450109Verniers (machinists' precision tools)3
354502Cutting tools for machine tools526
35450200Cutting tools for machine tools336
35450201Counterbores, metalworking0
35450202Countersinks and countersink drill combinations0
35450203Diamond cutting tools for turning, boring, burnishing, etc.108
35450204Dressers, abrasive wheel: diamond point or other6
35450205End mills6
35450206Files, machine tool7
35450208Machine knives, metalworking13
35450209Milling cutters8
35450210Reamers, machine tool4
35450211Shear knives4
35450212Taps, machine tool10
35450213Thread cutting dies9
35450214Threading tools (machine tool accessories)11
35450215Wheel turning equipment, diamond point or other2
354503Machine tool attachments and accessories807
35450300Machine tool attachments and accessories141
35450301Angle rings2
35450302Arbors (machine tool accessories)4
35450303Balancing machines (machine tool accessories)21
35450304Bits for use on lathes, planers, shapers, etc.3
35450305Boring machine attachments (machine tool accessories)17
35450306Broaches (machine tool accessories)32
35450307Cams (machine tool accessories)12
35450309Chucks: drill, lathe, or magnetic (machine tool accessories)28
35450310Collars (machine tool accessories)3
35450311Collets (machine tool accessories)6
35450312Diamond dressing and wheel crushing attachments3
35450313Drill bits, metalworking35
35450314Drill bushings (drilling jig)6
35450315Drilling machine attachments and accessories25
35450316Drills (machine tool accessories)22
35450317Gauges (machine tool accessories)99
35450318Headstocks, lathe (machine tool accessories)1
35450319Honing heads4
35450320Hopper feed devices5
35450322Milling machine attachments (machine tool accessories)10
35450324Rotary tables3
35450325Shaping tools (machine tool accessories)11
35450326Sockets (machine tool accessories)7
35450327Tool holders27
35450328Tools and accessories for machine tools173
35450329Vises, machine (machine tool accessories)9
3546Power-driven Handtools387
354600Power-driven handtools216
35460000Power-driven handtools216
354601Drills and drilling tools46
35460100Drills and drilling tools40
35460101Drill attachments, portable3
35460102Drills, portable, except rock: electric or pneumatic3
354602Saws and sawing equipment94
35460200Saws and sawing equipment79
35460201Chain saws, portable10
35460202Saws, portable and handheld: power driven5
354699Power-driven handtools, nec31
35469901Cartridge-activated hand power tools15
35469902Grinders, portable: electric or pneumatic9
35469903Guns, pneumatic: chip removal3
35469904Hammers, portable: electric or pneumatic, chipping, etc.3
35469905Sanders, hand: electric1
3547Rolling Mill Machinery129
354700Rolling mill machinery61
35470000Rolling mill machinery61
354701Primary rolling mill equipment8
35470100Primary rolling mill equipment5
35470101Billet mills3
354702Secondary rolling mill equipment56
35470200Secondary rolling mill equipment1
35470201Bar mills1
35470202Finishing equipment, rolling mill10
35470203Galvanizing lines (rolling mill equipment)3
35470205Picklers and pickling lines (rolling mill equipment)1
35470206Pipe and tube mills18
35470207Plate rolling mill machinery3
35470208Rod mills (rolling mill equipment)2
35470209Steel rolling machinery16
35470210Straightening machinery (rolling mill equipment)1
35470211Structural mills (rolling mill equipment)0
354799Rolling mill machinery, nec4
35479901Ferrous and nonferrous mill equipment, auxiliary4
3548Welding Apparatus534
354800Welding apparatus197
35480000Welding apparatus197
354801Electric welding equipment172
35480100Electric welding equipment51
35480101Arc welders, transformer-rectifier8
35480102Arc welding generators, a.c. and d.c.19
35480103Electrode holders, for electric welding apparatus3
35480104Electrodes, electric welding21
35480105Resistance welders, electric63
35480106Seam welding apparatus, electric0
35480107Spot welding apparatus, electric6
35480108Transformers (separate), for arc welders1
354899Welding apparatus, nec165
35489901Gas welding equipment25
35489902Soldering equipment, except hand soldering irons18
35489903Welding and cutting apparatus and accessories, nec99
35489904Welding wire, bare and coated23
3549Metalworking Machinery, Nec812
354900Metalworking machinery, nec396
35490000Metalworking machinery, nec396
354901Drawing machinery96
35490100Drawing machinery5
35490101Draw benches2
35490102Wiredrawing and fabricating machinery and equipment, ex. die89
354902Coiling machinery27
35490200Coiling machinery15
35490201Coil winding machines for springs10
35490202Coilers (metalworking machines)2
354903Cutting and slitting machinery32
35490300Cutting and slitting machinery24
35490301Cutting-up lines2
35490302Rotary slitters (metalworking machines)6
354999Metalworking machinery, nec, nec261
35499901Assembly machines, including robotic236
35499902Marking machines, metalworking20
35499904Propeller straightening presses2
35499906Screw driving machines3
3552Textile Machinery586
355200Textile machinery202
35520000Textile machinery202
355201Fiber and yarn preparation machinery and equipment59
35520100Fiber and yarn preparation machinery and equipment7
35520101Beaming machines, textile0
35520102Bobbins, textile machinery0
35520103Carbonizing equipment, wool processing machinery1
35520104Card clothing, textile machinery5
35520105Carding machines, textile0
35520107Drawing frames, textile1
35520108Frames, doubling and twisting, textile machinery1
35520109Garnetting machines, textile0
35520110Opening machinery and equipment3
35520111Picker machines, textile2
35520112Rope and cordage machines4
35520113Roving machines, textile1
35520114Shearing machinery5
35520115Spindles, textile14
35520116Spinning machines, textile3
35520117Spools, textile machinery: wood1
35520118Thread making machines, spinning machinery2
35520119Warping machines, textile1
35520120Winders, textile machinery6
35520121Yarn texturizing machines2
355202Fabric forming machinery and equipment188
35520200Fabric forming machinery and equipment12
35520201Braiding machines, textile8
35520202Embroidery machines129
35520203Heddles for loom harnesses, wire2
35520204Hosiery machines1
35520205Jacquard card cutting machines1
35520206Jacquard loom parts and attachments1
35520207Knitting machines18
35520208Lace and net machines0
35520209Looms, textile machinery9
35520210Loopers, textile machinery2
35520211Reeds, loom3
35520212Shuttles for textile weaving2
35520213Slashing machines, textile0
355203Dyeing, drying, and finishing machinery and equipment129
35520300Dyeing, drying, and finishing machinery and equipment14
35520301Bleaching machinery, textile3
35520302Cloth spreading machines1
35520303Drying machines, textile: for stock, yarn, and cloth5
35520304Dyeing machinery, textile4
35520305Finishing machinery, textile16
35520306Mercerizing machinery, textile0
35520308Printing machinery, textile18
35520309Silk screens for textile industry68
355299Textile machinery, nec8
35529901Creels, textile machinery5
35529902Knot tying machines, textile3
3553Woodworking Machinery969
355300Woodworking machinery281
35530000Woodworking machinery281
355399Woodworking machinery, nec688
35539901Bandsaws, woodworking44
35539902Box making machines, for wooden boxes6
35539903Cabinet makers' machinery393
35539904Furniture makers machinery, woodworking103
35539905Jointers, woodworking machines4
35539906Lathes, wood turning: including accessories9
35539907Mortisers, woodworking machines4
35539908Pattern makers' machinery, woodworking17
35539909Planers, woodworking machines4
35539910Planing mill machinery1
35539911Presses for making particleboard, hardboard, plywood, etc.1
35539912Sanding machines, except portable floor sanders: woodworking12
35539913Sawmill machines52
35539914Saws, power: bench and table, except portable: woodworking17
35539915Scarfing machines, woodworking6
35539916Shapers, woodworking machines7
35539917Surfacers, woodworking machines2
35539918Tenoners, woodworking machines1
35539919Veneer mill machines5
3554Paper Industries Machinery282
355400Paper industries machinery136
35540000Paper industries machinery136
355401Paper forming machines24
35540100Paper forming machines5
35540101Bag and envelope making machinery, paper3
35540102Box making machines, paper10
35540103Folding machines, paper6
355499Paper industries machinery, nec122
35549901Coating and finishing machinery, paper12
35549902Corrugating machines, paper13
35549903Cutting machines, paper7
35549904Die cutting and stamping machinery, paper converting30
35549905Fourdrinier machines, paper manufacturing11
35549906Paper mill machinery: plating, slitting, waxing, etc.22
35549907Pulp mill machinery22
35549908Sandpaper manufacturing machines5
3555Printing Trades Machinery718
355500Printing trades machinery373
35550000Printing trades machinery373
355501Printing presses116
35550100Printing presses101
35550101Presses, envelope, printing11
35550102Presses, gravure4
355502Printing plates86
35550200Printing plates60
35550201Plates, metal: engravers'21
35550202Plates, offset5
355503Printing trade parts and attachments85
35550300Printing trade parts and attachments32
35550301Copy holders, printers'27
35550302Galleys or chases, printers'4
35550303Leads, printers'4
35550304Mats, advertising and newspaper8
35550305Planes, printers'3
35550306Rules, printers'1
35550307Slugs, printers'1
35550308Sticks, printers'3
35550309Type cases, printers'2
355504Engraving machinery and equipment, except plates16
35550400Engraving machinery and equipment, except plates11
35550401Blocks, wood: engravers'3
35550402Photoengraving machines2
355505Type and type making machinery and equipment11
35550500Type and type making machinery and equipment2
35550501Type casting, founding, or melting machines3
35550502Type, foundry (for printing)1
35550503Type: lead, steel, brass, copper faced, etc.5
355506Bookbinding machinery15
35550600Bookbinding machinery13
35550601Collating machines for printing and bookbinding2
355599Printing trades machinery, nec16
35559901Bronzing or dusting machines for the printing trade1
35559902Electrotyping machines2
35559903Lithographic stones5
35559904Stereotyping machines0
35559905Typesetting machines: linotype, monotype, intertype, etc.7
35559906Typographic numbering machines1
3556Food Products Machinery1,277
355600Food products machinery489
35560000Food products machinery489
355601Dairy and milk machinery93
35560100Dairy and milk machinery38
35560102Cheese making machinery6
35560104Homogenizing machinery: dairy, fruit, vegetable6
35560105Ice cream manufacturing machinery28
35560107Milk machinery, dry milk processing machinery1
35560108Milk processing machinery, nec4
35560109Pasteurizing equipment, dairy machinery9
355602Cutting, chopping, grinding, mixing, and similar machinery113
35560200Cutting, chopping, grinding, mixing, and similar machinery33
35560201Biscuit cutters (machines)2
35560202Biscuit cutting dies1
35560203Choppers, commercial, food4
35560204Dough mixing machinery4
35560205Flour mill machinery8
35560206Grinders, commercial, food7
35560207Mills, food11
35560208Mixers, commercial, food13
35560209Mixers, feed, except agricultural4
35560210Oilseed crushing and extracting machinery6
35560211Potato peelers, electric0
35560212Presses, food: cheese, beet, cider, and sugarcane8
35560213Sifters, food0
35560214Slicers, commercial, food12
355603Smoking or roasting machinery, including ovens188
35560300Smoking or roasting machinery, including ovens5
35560301Dehydrating equipment, food processing72
35560302Ovens, bakery36
35560303Roasting machinery: coffee, peanut, etc.30
35560304Smokers, food processing equipment45
355604Beverage machinery121
35560400Beverage machinery40
35560401Brewers' and maltsters' machinery44
35560402Distillery machinery26
35560403Juice extractors, fruit and vegetable: commercial type11
35560404Malt mills0
355605Meat, poultry, and seafood processing machinery169
35560500Meat, poultry, and seafood processing machinery34
35560501Fish and shellfish processing machinery13
35560502Meat processing machinery94
35560503Poultry processing machinery26
35560504Sausage stuffers2
355699Food products machinery, nec104
35569901Bakery machinery65
35569902Chewing gum machinery3
35569903Chocolate processing machinery7
35569904Confectionery machinery5
35569905Cracker making machines0
35569906Packing house machinery10
35569907Pasta machinery11
35569908Sugar plant machinery3
3559Special Industry Machinery, Nec2,772
355900Special industry machinery, nec117
35590000Special industry machinery, nec117
355901Sewing machines and hat and zipper making machinery129
35590100Sewing machines and hat and zipper making machinery33
35590101Bag seaming and closing machines (sewing machinery)9
35590102Button sewing machines0
35590103Buttonhole and eyelet machines and attachments, industrial4
35590105Hat making and hat renovating machinery7
35590106Sewing machines and attachments, industrial, nec76
35590107Zipper making machinery0
355902Boots, shoes, and leather working machinery23
35590200Boots, shoes, and leather working machinery7
35590201Boot making and repairing machinery2
35590202Leather working machinery7
35590203Scouring machines (tannery equipment)1
35590204Shoe making and repairing machinery5
35590205Tannery machines1
355903Automotive related machinery457
35590300Automotive related machinery271
35590301Automotive maintenance equipment107
35590302Degreasing machines, automotive and industrial43
35590303Frame straighteners, automobile (garage equipment)14
35590304Pack-up assemblies, wheel overhaul5
35590305Wheel balancing equipment, automotive17
355904Refinery, chemical processing, and similar machinery307
35590400Refinery, chemical processing, and similar machinery73
35590401Chemical machinery and equipment116
35590402Cryogenic machinery, industrial58
35590403Desalination equipment15
35590404Petroleum refinery equipment45
355905Foundry, smelting, refining, and similar machinery66
35590500Foundry, smelting, refining, and similar machinery10
35590501Foundry machinery and equipment51
35590502Smelting and refining machinery and equipment5
35590601Kilns, cement3
35590602Kilns, chemical1
35590603Kilns, lumber18
355907Rubber working machinery, including tires91
35590700Rubber working machinery, including tires37
35590701Tire grooving machines3
35590702Tire retreading machinery and equipment9
35590703Tire shredding machinery42
355999Special industry machinery, nec, nec1,469
35599901Ammunition and explosives, loading machinery31
35599902Anodizing equipment13
35599903Brick making machinery6
35599904Broom making machinery2
35599905Cement making machinery6
35599906Clay working and tempering machines8
35599907Concrete products machinery35
35599909Cotton ginning machinery21
35599910Electron tube making machinery5
35599911Electroplating machinery and equipment32
35599912Glass making machinery: blowing, molding, forming, etc.57
35599913Jewelers' machines10
35599914Lamp making machinery, incandescent3
35599915Metal finishing equipment for plating, etc.92
35599916Metal pickling equipment2
35599917Nuclear reactor control rod and drive mechanism0
35599918Optical lens machinery14
35599919Ozone machines16
35599920Paint making machinery27
35599921Parking facility equipment and supplies32
35599922Pharmaceutical machinery82
35599923Plastics working machinery205
35599924Pottery making machinery10
35599925Robots, molding and forming plastics29
35599926Screening equipment, electric23
35599927Semiconductor manufacturing machinery271
35599928Separation equipment, magnetic15
35599929Silver recovery equipment5
35599930Stone tumblers1
35599931Stone working machinery28
35599932Synthetic filament extruding machines5
35599933Tile making machines2
35599934Tobacco products machinery10
35599935Wallpaper trimmers2
35599936Watch rate recorders2
35599937Recycling machinery166
35599938Fiber optics strand coating machinery10
35599939Electronic component making machinery160
35599940Glass cutting machinery6
35599941Ice resurfacing machinery5
35599942Vibratory parts handling equipment19
3561Pumps and Pumping Equipment1,322
356100Pumps and pumping equipment846
35610000Pumps and pumping equipment846
356101Industrial pumps and parts325
35610100Industrial pumps and parts212
35610101Pump jacks and other pumping equipment32
35610102Pumps, oil well and field81
356199Pumps and pumping equipment, nec151
35619901Cylinders, pump39
35619902Hydrojet marine engine units4
35619903Pumps, domestic: water or sump108
3562Ball and Roller Bearings351
356200Ball and roller bearings163
35620000Ball and roller bearings163
356299Ball and roller bearings, nec188
35629901Ball bearings and parts67
35629903Roller bearings and parts30
3563Air and Gas Compressors629
356300Air and gas compressors349
35630000Air and gas compressors349
356301Air and gas compressors including vacuum pumps176
35630100Air and gas compressors including vacuum pumps77
35630101Tire inflators, hand or compressor operated10
35630102Vacuum pumps, except laboratory35
35630103Vacuum (air extraction) systems, industrial54
356302Spraying and dusting equipment104
35630200Spraying and dusting equipment39
35630201Dusting outfits for metals, paints, and chemicals3
35630202Robots for industrial spraying, painting, etc.11
35630203Spraying outfits: metals, paints, and chemicals (compressor)51
3564Blowers and Fans1,051
356400Blowers and fans224
35640000Blowers and fans224
356401Purification and dust collection equipment639
35640100Purification and dust collection equipment59
35640101Air cleaning systems125
35640102Air purification equipment192
35640103Blower filter units (furnace blowers)5
35640104Dust or fume collecting equipment, industrial40
35640105Filters, air: furnaces, air conditioning equipment, etc.214
35640106Precipitators, electrostatic4
356402Blowers and fans188
35640200Blowers and fans55
35640201Aircurtains (blower)5
35640202Blowing fans: industrial or commercial39
35640203Exhaust fans: industrial or commercial22
35640204Turbo-blowers, industrial11
35640205Ventilating fans: industrial or commercial56
3565Packaging Machinery791
356500Packaging machinery523
35650000Packaging machinery523
356501Bottling and canning machinery85
35650100Bottling and canning machinery17
35650101Aerating machines, for beverages7
35650102Bottle washing and sterilizing machines4
35650103Bottling machinery: filling, capping, labeling35
35650104Canning machinery, food22
356502Packing and wrapping machinery183
35650200Packing and wrapping machinery47
35650201Bag opening, filling, and closing machines14
35650202Bread wrapping machinery1
35650203Carton packing machines21
35650204Label moisteners, industrial2
35650205Labeling machines, industrial61
35650206Vacuum packaging machinery21
35650207Wrapping machines16
3566Speed Changers, Drives, and Gears253
356600Speed changers, drives, and gears109
35660000Speed changers, drives, and gears109
356699Speed changers, drives, and gears, nec144
35669901Drives, high speed industrial, except hydrostatic14
35669902Gears, power transmission, except auto93
35669903Reduction gears and gear units for turbines, except auto13
35669904Speed changers (power transmission equipment), except auto11
35669905Torque converters, except auto13
3567Industrial Furnaces and Ovens553
356700Industrial furnaces and ovens207
35670000Industrial furnaces and ovens207
356701Electrical furnaces, ovens, & heating devices, exc.induction147
35670100Electrical furnaces, ovens, & heating devices, exc.induction27
35670101Heating units and devices, industrial: electric103
35670102Metal melting furnaces, industrial: electric17
356702Fuel-fired furnaces and ovens18
35670200Fuel-fired furnaces and ovens11
35670201Distillation ovens, charcoal and coke2
35670202Metal melting furnaces, industrial: fuel-fired5
356703Induction and dielectric heating equipment47
35670300Induction and dielectric heating equipment5
35670301Dielectric heating equipment4
35670302Induction heating equipment38
356799Industrial furnaces and ovens, nec134
35679901Calcining kilns3
35679902Ceramic kilns and furnaces23
35679903Core baking and mold drying ovens2
35679904Driers and redriers, industrial process15
35679905Enameling ovens0
35679906Incinerators, metal: domestic or commercial17
35679907Infrared ovens, industrial13
35679908Kilns, nsk11
35679910Paint baking and drying ovens2
35679911Radiant heating systems, industrial process26
35679913Smelting ovens1
35679914Vacuum furnaces and ovens9
35679915Incinerators, thermal, fume & catalytic12
3568Power Transmission Equipment, Nec472
356800Power transmission equipment, nec233
35680000Power transmission equipment, nec233
356801Bearings, bushings, and blocks69
35680100Bearings, bushings, and blocks35
35680101Bearings, plain26
35680102Pillow blocks with plain bearings2
35680103Railroad car journal bearings6
356802Joints and couplings63
35680200Joints and couplings13
35680201Ball joints, except aircraft and auto2
35680202Couplings, shaft: rigid, flexible, universal joint, etc.39
35680203Joints, swivel and universal, except aircraft and auto9
356803Drives, chains, and sprockets56
35680300Drives, chains, and sprockets14
35680301Belting, chain9
35680302Chain, power transmission12
35680303Drive chains, bicycle or motorcycle4
35680304Drives: belt, cable, or rope4
35680305Sprockets (power transmission equipment)13
356899Power transmission equipment, nec, nec51
35689901Clutches, except vehicular27
35689902Collars, shaft (power transmission equipment)3
35689903Pivots, power transmission3
35689904Pulleys, power transmission8
35689905Shafts, flexible10
3569General Industrial Machinery,2,344
356900General industrial machinery, nec209
35690000General industrial machinery, nec209
35690101Filter elements, fluid, hydraulic line24
35690102Filters and strainers, pipeline39
35690103Filters, general line: industrial165
356902Firefighting and related equipment323
35690200Firefighting and related equipment163
35690201Firefighting apparatus33
35690202Firehose equipment: driers, rack, and reels9
35690203Firehose, except rubber1
35690204Sprinkler systems, fire: automatic117
356903Lubricating equipment121
35690300Lubricating equipment44
35690301Lubricating systems, centralized13
35690302Lubrication equipment, industrial55
35690303Lubrication machinery, automatic9
356904Gas producers, generators, and other gas related equipment164
35690400Gas producers, generators, and other gas related equipment71
35690401Gas generators17
35690402Gas producers (machinery)12
35690403Gas separators (machinery)10
35690404Generators: steam, liquid oxygen, or nitrogen34
35690405Separators for steam, gas, vapor, or air (machinery)20
356999General industrial machinery, nec, nec714
35699901Assembly machines, non-metalworking203
35699902Baling machines, for scrap metal, paper, or similar material48
35699903Blast cleaning equipment, dustless46
35699904Brake burnishing or washing machines1
35699905Bridge or gate machinery, hydraulic20
35699906Centrifugal purifiers4
35699907Centrifuges, industrial28
35699908Cremating ovens5
35699909Heaters, swimming pool: electric7
35699910Ice crushers (machinery)2
35699911Jack screws5
35699912Jacks, hydraulic40
35699913Liquid automation machinery and equipment113
35699914Robots, assembly line: industrial and commercial154
35699915Sifting and screening machines6
35699916Surveillance ovens for aging and testing powder2
35699917Testing chambers for altitude, temperature, ordnance, power23
35699918Industrial shock absorbers7
3571Electronic Computers2,604
357100Electronic computers1,198
35710000Electronic computers1,198
357199Electronic computers, nec1,406
35719901Computers, digital, analog or hybrid164
35719902Mainframe computers27
35719904Personal computers (microcomputers)1,149
3572Computer Storage Devices999
357200Computer storage devices847
35720000Computer storage devices847
357201Computer disk and drum drives and components71
35720100Computer disk and drum drives and components28
35720101Disk drives, computer43
357202Computer tape drives and components41
35720200Computer tape drives and components28
35720201Tape recorders for computers5
35720202Tape storage units, computer8
357299Computer storage devices, nec40
35729901Computer auxiliary storage units18
35729902Magnetic storage devices, computer22
3575Computer Terminals303
357500Computer terminals120
35750000Computer terminals120
357501Computer terminals, monitors and components174
35750100Computer terminals, monitors and components125
35750101Cathode ray tube (CRT), computer terminal8
35750102Keyboards, computer, office machine41
35750103Teleprinters (CRT), multistation0
357599Computer terminals, nec9
3577Computer Peripheral Equipment, Nec2,066
357700Computer peripheral equipment, nec1,194
35770000Computer peripheral equipment, nec1,194
357701Printers and plotters305
35770100Printers and plotters151
35770101Plotters, computer6
35770102Printers, computer148
357702Key-tape equipment, except drives13
35770200Key-tape equipment, except drives5
35770201Paper tape (computer) equipment: punches, readers, etc.2
35770202Tape cleaners, magnetic: computer4
35770203Tape print units, computer2
357703Disk and diskette equipment, except drives10
35770300Disk and diskette equipment, except drives9
35770301Disk pack inspectors0
35770302Diskette or key-disk equipment1
357704Keypunch equipment6
35770400Keypunch equipment1
35770401Punch card equipment: readers, tabulators, sorters, etc.3
35770402Verifiers, punch card2
357705Magnetic ink and optical scanning devices229
35770500Magnetic ink and optical scanning devices36
35770501Bar code (magnetic ink) printers95
35770502Magnetic ink recognition devices10
35770503Optical scanning devices79
35770504Readers, sorters, or inscribers, magnetic ink9
357799Computer peripheral equipment, nec, nec309
35779901Computer output to microfilm units12
35779902Data conversion equipment, media-to-media: computer124
35779903Decoders, computer peripheral equipment11
35779904Encoders, computer peripheral equipment21
35779905Film reader devices1
35779906Graphic displays, except graphic terminals80
35779907Input/output equipment, computer60
3578Calculating and Accounting Equipment683
357800Calculating and accounting equipment59
35780000Calculating and accounting equipment59
357801Accounting machines and cash registers183
35780100Accounting machines and cash registers31
35780101Accounting machines, operator-paced2
35780102Billing machines15
35780103Cash registers50
35780104Point-of-sale devices79
35780105Registers, credit account6
357802Calculators and adding machines7
35780200Calculators and adding machines1
35780201Adding machines3
35780202Calculators, hand-held3
357803Banking machines396
35780300Banking machines20
35780301Automatic teller machines (ATM)376
357899Calculating and accounting equipment, nec38
35789901Betting machines, pari-mutuel6
35789902Change making machines13
35789903Coin counters19
3579Office Machines, Nec471
357900Office machines, nec45
35790000Office machines, nec45
357901Mailing, letter handling, and addressing machines214
35790100Mailing, letter handling, and addressing machines57
35790101Address labeling machines4
35790102Addressing machines, plates and plate embossers8
35790103Envelope stuffing, sealing, and addressing machines9
35790104Forms handling equipment9
35790105Letter folding, stuffing, and sealing machines3
35790106Mail tying (bundling) machines0
35790107Mailing machines48
35790108Postage meters76
357902Typing and word processing machines25
35790200Typing and word processing machines19
35790201Typewriters and parts3
35790202Word processing equipment3
357903Paper handling machines61
35790300Paper handling machines8
35790301Binding machines, plastic and adhesive21
35790302Collating machines for store and office use0
35790303Embossing machines for store and office use11
35790304Paper cutters, trimmers, and punches4
35790305Perforators (office machines)13
35790306Stapling machines (hand or power)4
357999Office machines, nec, nec126
35799901Canceling machinery, post office5
35799902Check writing, endorsing, or signing machines6
35799903Coin wrapping machines2
35799904Dating and numbering devices7
35799905Dictating machines11
35799906Duplicating machines11
35799907Pencil sharpeners0
35799908Shorthand machines1
35799909Sorters, filing (office)12
35799910Staple removers0
35799911Ticket counting machines6
35799912Time clocks and time recording devices46
35799913Voting machines19
3581Automatic Vending Machines444
358100Automatic vending machines405
35810000Automatic vending machines405
358101Mechanisms and parts for automatic vending machines39
35810100Mechanisms and parts for automatic vending machines22
35810101Locks, coin-operated2
35810102Mechanisms for coin-operated machines15
3582Commercial Laundry Equipment257
358200Commercial laundry equipment108
35820000Commercial laundry equipment108
358201Commercial laundry equipment79
35820100Commercial laundry equipment26
35820101Dryers, laundry: commercial, including coin-operated21
35820102Extractors, commercial laundry5
35820103Washing machines, laundry: commercial, incl. coin-operated27
358299Commercial laundry equipment, nec70
35829901Drycleaning equipment and machinery, commercial, nec19
35829902Feather cleaning and sterilizing machinery0
35829903Ironers, commercial laundry and drycleaning10
35829904Pressing machines, commercial laundry and drycleaning20
35829905Rug cleaning, drying, or napping machines: commercial21
3585Refrigeration and Heating Equipment2,462
358500Refrigeration and heating equipment896
35850000Refrigeration and heating equipment896
358501Air conditioning equipment, complete419
35850100Air conditioning equipment, complete223
35850101Air conditioning units, complete: domestic or industrial138
35850102Air conditioning, motor vehicle48
35850103Room coolers, portable10
358502Refrigeration equipment, complete223
35850200Refrigeration equipment, complete158
35850201Cabinets, show and display, refrigerated7
35850202Counters and counter display cases, refrigerated3
35850203Ice boxes, industrial9
35850204Ice making machinery36
35850205Lockers, refrigerated10
358503Heating equipment, complete202
35850300Heating equipment, complete159
35850301Furnaces, warm air: electric15
35850302Heat pumps, electric28
358504Parts for heating, cooling, and refrigerating equipment310
35850400Parts for heating, cooling, and refrigerating equipment161
35850401Air conditioning condensers and condensing units35
35850402Compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment75
35850403Condensers, refrigeration14
35850404Evaporative condensers, heat transfer equipment25
358505Soda fountain and beverage dispensing equipment and parts122
35850500Soda fountain and beverage dispensing equipment and parts49
35850501Beer dispensing equipment25
35850502Carbonators, soda water2
35850503Cold drink dispensing equipment (not coin-operated)10
35850504Coolers, milk and water: electric22
35850505Drinking fountains, mechanically refrigerated8
35850506Siphons, soda water2
35850507Soda fountains, parts, and accessories1
35850508Tanks, soda water3
358506Humidifiers and dehumidifiers41
35850600Humidifiers and dehumidifiers21
35850601Dehumidifiers electric, except portable8
35850602Humidifying equipment, except portable12
358599Refrigeration and heating equipment, nec249
35859901Heating and air conditioning combination units232
35859902Snowmaking machinery17
3586Measuring and Dispensing Pumps74
358600Measuring and dispensing pumps44
35860000Measuring and dispensing pumps44
358699Measuring and dispensing pumps, nec30
35869901Gasoline pumps, measuring or dispensing18
35869902Grease guns (lubricators)6
35869903Oil pumps, measuring or dispensing6
3589Service Industry Machinery, Nec3,578
358900Service industry machinery, nec154
35890000Service industry machinery, nec154
358901Commercial cooking and foodwarming equipment264
35890100Commercial cooking and foodwarming equipment136
35890101Coffee brewing equipment39
35890102Cooking equipment, commercial57
35890103Food warming equipment, commercial12
35890104Microwave ovens (cooking equipment), commercial9
35890105Popcorn machines, commercial7
35890106Pressure cookers, steam: commercial4
358902Commercial cleaning equipment696
35890200Commercial cleaning equipment181
35890201Car washing machinery351
35890202Carpet sweepers, except household electric vacuum sweepers8
35890203Dirt sweeping units, industrial27
35890204Dishwashing machines, commercial34
35890205Floor washing and polishing machines, commercial32
35890206Mop wringers1
35890207Vacuum cleaners and sweepers, electric: industrial62
358903Sewage and water treatment equipment1,847
35890300Sewage and water treatment equipment375
35890301Sewage treatment equipment49
35890302Sewer cleaning equipment, power42
35890303Swimming pool filter and water conditioning systems103
35890304Water filters and softeners, household type222
35890305Water purification equipment, household type203
35890306Water treatment equipment, industrial853
358999Service industry machinery, nec, nec617
35899901Asbestos removal equipment35
35899902Floor sanding machines, commercial12
35899903Garbage disposers and compactors, commercial55
35899904High pressure cleaning equipment348
35899905Janitors' carts7
35899906Liquor dispensing equipment and systems8
35899907Sandblasting equipment45
35899908Servicing machines, except dry cleaning, laundry: coin-oper.23
35899909Shredders, industrial and commercial84
3592Carburetors, Pistons, Rings, Valves447
359200Carburetors, pistons, piston rings and valves29
35920000Carburetors, pistons, piston rings and valves29
35920101Valves, aircraft12
35920102Valves, engine19
359299Carburetors, pistons, rings, valves, nec109
35929902Pistons and piston rings41
3593Fluid Power Cylinders and Actuators225
359300Fluid power cylinders and actuators80
35930000Fluid power cylinders and actuators80
359399Fluid power cylinders and actuators, nec145
35939901Fluid power actuators, hydraulic or pneumatic25
35939902Fluid power cylinders, hydraulic or pneumatic120
3594Fluid Power Pumps and Motors243
359400Fluid power pumps and motors104
35940000Fluid power pumps and motors104
359401Fluid power pumps91
35940100Fluid power pumps50
35940101Pumps, hydraulic power transfer37
35940102Pumps, hydraulic, aircraft4
359402Fluid power motors40
35940200Fluid power motors3
35940201Motors, pneumatic7
35940202Motors: hydraulic, fluid power, or air30
359499Fluid power pumps and motors, nec8
35949901Hydrostatic drives (transmissions)8
3596Scales and Balances, Except Laboratory222
359600Scales and balances, except laboratory64
35960000Scales and balances, except laboratory64
359699Scales and balances, except laboratory, nec158
35969901Baby scales1
35969902Bathroom scales4
35969903Counting scales6
35969904Industrial scales77
35969905Mail scales0
35969906Railroad track scales8
35969907Truck (motor vehicle) scales19
35969908Weighing machines and apparatus43
3599Industrial Machinery, Nec21,077
359900Industrial machinery, nec1,122
35990000Industrial machinery, nec1,122
359901Amusement park equipment242
35990100Amusement park equipment191
35990101Carnival machines and equipment, amusement park, nec31
35990102Carousels (merry-go-rounds)13
35990103Ferris wheels7
359902Flexible metal hose, tubing, and bellows160
35990200Flexible metal hose, tubing, and bellows48
35990201Bellows, industrial: metal47
35990202Hose, flexible metallic50
35990203Tubing, flexible metallic15
359903Machine and other job shop work18,261
35990300Machine and other job shop work2,528
35990301Chemical milling job shop23
35990302Custom machinery974
35990303Machine shop, jobbing and repair14,736
359999Industrial machinery, nec, nec1,292
35999901Air intake filters, internal combustion engine, except auto79
35999902Boiler tube cleaners7
35999904Column clamps and shores5
35999905Crankshafts and camshafts, machining124
35999906Electrical discharge machining (EDM)109
35999907Fan forges1
35999908Gasoline filters, internal combustion engine, except auto15
35999909Grease cups, metal1
35999910Grinding castings for the trade741
35999911Oil cups, metal1
35999912Oil filters, internal combustion engine, except auto29
35999913Propellers, ship and boat: machined24
35999914Pump governors, for gas machines4
35999915Sand riddles (hand sifting or screening apparatus)5
35999917Swage blocks1
35999918Ties, form: metal11
35999919Water leak detectors57
35999920Weather vanes13