SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3519—Internal Combustion Engines, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing diesel, semi-diesel, or other internal combustion engines, not elsewhere classified, for stationary, marine, traction, and other uses. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing aircraft engines are classified in Industry 3724, and those manufacturing automotive engines, except diesel, are classified in Industry 3714.

Diesel and semi-diesel engines for stationary, marine, traction, etcGovernors, diesel engine
Diesel engine partsInternal combustion engines, except aircraft and non-diesel automotive
Engines and engine parts internal combustion military tankMarine engines: diesel, semi-diesel, and other internal combustion
Engines diesel and semi-diesel and dual fuel—except aircraftOutboard motors, except electric
Engines, internal combustion except aircraft and non-dieselSemi-diesel Engines for stationary, marine, traction, or other uses
Gas and diesel engine rebuilding, on a factory basisTank engines and engine parts, internal combustion: military
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3519Internal Combustion Engines, Nec860
351900Internal combustion engines, nec332
35190000Internal combustion engines, nec332
351901Diesel, semi-diesel, or duel-fuel engines, including marine291
35190100Diesel, semi-diesel, or duel-fuel engines, including marine69
35190101Diesel engine rebuilding95
35190102Engines, diesel and semi-diesel or dual-fuel61
35190103Marine engines66
351902Parts and accessories, internal combustion engines89
35190200Parts and accessories, internal combustion engines64
35190201Controls, remote, for boats6
35190202Engine starters, pneumatic7
35190203Governors, diesel engine2
35190204Governors, pump, for diesel engines2
35190205Radiators, stationary engine8
351999Internal combustion engines, nec, nec148
35199901Gas engine rebuilding44
35199902Gasoline engines55
35199903Jet propulsion engines19
35199904Outboard motors30