SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3563—Air and Gas Compressors
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing air and gas compressors for general industrial use, and in manufacturing nonagricultural spraying and dusting equipment. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors and compressing units are classified in Industry 3585; those manufacturing pneumatic pumps and motors for fluid power transmission are classified in Industry 3594; those manufacturing agricultural spraying and dusting equipment are classified in Industry 3523; and those manufacturing laboratory vacuum pumps are classified in Industry 3821.

Compressors, air and gas: for general industrial useSprayers, hand: except agricultural
Dusting outfits for metal, paints, and chemicals (portable or vehicular)Spraying outfits for metals, paints, and chemicals (compressor units)
Paint sprayersTire inflation, hand or compressor operated
Robots for spraying, painting—IndustrialVacuum pumps, except laboratory
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3563Air and Gas Compressors643
356300Air and gas compressors381
35630000Air and gas compressors381
356301Air and gas compressors including vacuum pumps167
35630100Air and gas compressors including vacuum pumps78
35630101Tire inflators, hand or compressor operated9
35630102Vacuum pumps, except laboratory31
35630103Vacuum (air extraction) systems, industrial49
356302Spraying and dusting equipment95
35630200Spraying and dusting equipment37
35630201Dusting outfits for metals, paints, and chemicals3
35630202Robots for industrial spraying, painting, etc.11
35630203Spraying outfits: metals, paints, and chemicals (compressor)44