Industry: 3537—Industrial Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, and Stackers
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial trucks, tractors, trailers, stackers (truck type), and related equipment, used for handling materials on floors and paved surfaces in and around industrial and commercial plants, depots, docks, airports, and terminals. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing motor vehicles and motor vehicle type trailers are classified in Industry Group 371; those manufacturing farm type wheel tractors are classified in Industry 3523; those manufacturing tractor shovel loaders and tracklaying tractors are classified in Industry 3531; and those manufacturing wood pallets and skids are classified in Industry 2448.

Adapters for multiweapon rack loading on aircraftLift trucks, industrial: fork, platform, straddle, etc.
Aircraft engine cradlesMobile straddle carriers
Aircraft loading hoistsPallet assemblies for landing mats
Boat cradlesPallet loaders and unloaders
Bomb liftsPalletizers and depalletizers
Bomb trucksPallets, metal
Cabs for industrial trucks and tractorsPlatforms, cargo: metal
Cars, industrial: except automotive cars and trucks and mining carsRamps, aircraft-loading
Containers, air cargo: metalRamps, loading: portable, adjustable, and hydraulic
Cranes, mobile industrial truckShacking carts
Die and strip handlersSkid boxes, metal
Docks, loading: portable, adjustable, and hydraulicSkids, metal
Dollies (hand or power trucks), industrial: except miningStackers, power (industrial truck stackers)
Drum cradlesStacking machines, automatic
Engine stands and racks, metalStands, ground servicing aircraft
Forklift trucksStraddle carriers, mobile
Hoists, aircraft loadingTables, lift: hydraulic
Hoppers, end dumpTractors, industrial: for use in plants, depots, docks, and terminals
Hospital dolliesTruck trailers for use in plants, depots, docks, and terminals
Industrial truck cranesTrucks, industrial (except mining): for freight, baggage, etc.
Industrial trucks and tractorsTunnel kiln cars
Laundry containers on wheels
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3537Industrial Trucks and Tractors1,667
353700Industrial trucks and tractors368
35370000Industrial trucks and tractors368
353701Platforms, stands, tables, pallets, and similar equipment164
35370100Platforms, stands, tables, pallets, and similar equipment22
35370101Aircraft engine cradles2
35370102Containers (metal), air cargo28
35370103Cradles, boat3
35370104Cradles, drum4
35370105Engine stands and racks, metal12
35370106Loading docks: portable, adjustable, and hydraulic38
35370107Pallets, metal12
35370108Platforms, cargo10
35370109Skid boxes, metal1
35370110Skids, metal9
35370111Stands, ground servicing aircraft9
35370112Tables, lift: hydraulic14
353702Trucks, tractors, loaders, carriers, and similar equipment1,135
35370200Trucks, tractors, loaders, carriers, and similar equipment275
35370201Aircraft loading hoists7
35370202Bomb lifts and trucks2
35370203Cabs, for industrial trucks and tractors12
35370204Cars and trucks, for industrial mining6
35370205Cranes, industrial truck29
35370206Die and strip handlers0
35370207Dollies (hand or power trucks), industrial,except mining21
35370208Forklift trucks368
35370209Hoppers, end dump5
35370210Lift trucks, industrial: fork, platform, straddle, etc.149
35370211Pallet loaders and unloaders6
35370212Palletizers and depalletizers7
35370213Stackers, power (industrial truck stackers)3
35370214Stacking machines, automatic4
35370215Straddle carriers, mobile2
35370216Tractors, used in plants, docks,terminals, etc.: industrial10
35370217Truck trailers, used in plants, docks, terminals, etc.33
35370218Trucks: freight, baggage, etc.: industrial, except mining196