Industry: 3564—Industrial and Commercial Fans and Blowers and Air Purification Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial and commercial blowers, industrial and commercial exhaust and ventilating fans, and attic fans, or in manufacturing dust collection and other air purification equipment for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems or for industrial gas cleaning systems. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing air-conditioning units are classified in Industry 3585; those manufacturing free air-circulating fans for use on desks, pedestals, or wall brackets as well as household window-type fans and roll-abouts, and kitchen and household ventilating and exhaust electric fans, except attic, are classified in Industry 3634.

Air cleaning systemsFans, except household
Air purification and dust collection equipmentFilters, air: for furnaces and air-conditioning equipment
Aircurtains (blower)Furnace blowers (blower filter units)
Attic fansPrecipitation, electrostatic
Blowers, commercial and industrialTurbo-blowers, industrial
Dust and fume collecting equipment, industrialVentilating, blowing, and exhaust fans: except household and kitchen
Exhaust fans, except household and kitchen
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3564Blowers and Fans1,051
356400Blowers and fans224
35640000Blowers and fans224
356401Purification and dust collection equipment639
35640100Purification and dust collection equipment59
35640101Air cleaning systems125
35640102Air purification equipment192
35640103Blower filter units (furnace blowers)5
35640104Dust or fume collecting equipment, industrial40
35640105Filters, air: furnaces, air conditioning equipment, etc.214
35640106Precipitators, electrostatic4
356402Blowers and fans188
35640200Blowers and fans55
35640201Aircurtains (blower)5
35640202Blowing fans: industrial or commercial39
35640203Exhaust fans: industrial or commercial22
35640204Turbo-blowers, industrial11
35640205Ventilating fans: industrial or commercial56