Industry: 3585—Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing refrigeration equipment and systems and similar equipment for commercial and industrial use; complete air-conditioning units for domestic, commercial, and industrial use; and warm air furnaces. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing soda fountains and beer dispensing equipment and humidifiers and dehumidifiers, except portable, are also classified in this industry. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household refrigerators and home and farm freezers are classified in Industry 3632, and those manufacturing electric air-space heaters and portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers are classified in Industry 3634.

Air-conditioners, motor vehicleFountains, drinking mechanically refrigerated
Air-conditioning and heating combination unitsFurnaces: gravity air flow
Air-conditioning compressorsHeat pumps, electric
Air-conditioning condensers and condensing unitsHumidifying equipment, except portable
Air-conditioning units complete: domestic and industrialIce boxes, industrial
Beer dispensing equipmentIce making machinery
Cabinets, show and display: refrigeratedLockers, refrigerated
Cases, show and display: refrigeratedRefrigeration compressors
Cold drink dispensing equipment, except coin-operatedRefrigeration machinery and equipment, industrial
Compressors for refrigeration and air-conditioningRoom coolers, portable
Condensers and condensing units: refrigeration and air-conditioningShowcases, refrigerated
Coolers, milk and water: electricSiphons, soda water
Counters and counter display cases, refrigeratedSnow making machinery
Dehumidifiers, except portable: electricSoda fountains, parts, and accessories
Electric warm air furnacesTanks, soda water
Evaporative condensers (heat transfer equipment)
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3585Refrigeration and Heating Equipment2,492
358500Refrigeration and heating equipment949
35850000Refrigeration and heating equipment949
358501Air conditioning equipment, complete412
35850100Air conditioning equipment, complete222
35850101Air conditioning units, complete: domestic or industrial134
35850102Air conditioning, motor vehicle45
35850103Room coolers, portable11
358502Refrigeration equipment, complete228
35850200Refrigeration equipment, complete162
35850201Cabinets, show and display, refrigerated8
35850202Counters and counter display cases, refrigerated3
35850203Ice boxes, industrial9
35850204Ice making machinery36
35850205Lockers, refrigerated10
358503Heating equipment, complete191
35850300Heating equipment, complete150
35850301Furnaces, warm air: electric14
35850302Heat pumps, electric27
358504Parts for heating, cooling, and refrigerating equipment308
35850400Parts for heating, cooling, and refrigerating equipment162
35850401Air conditioning condensers and condensing units36
35850402Compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment73
35850403Condensers, refrigeration14
35850404Evaporative condensers, heat transfer equipment23
358505Soda fountain and beverage dispensing equipment and parts115
35850500Soda fountain and beverage dispensing equipment and parts44
35850501Beer dispensing equipment24
35850502Carbonators, soda water2
35850503Cold drink dispensing equipment (not coin-operated)11
35850504Coolers, milk and water: electric21
35850505Drinking fountains, mechanically refrigerated7
35850506Siphons, soda water2
35850507Soda fountains, parts, and accessories1
35850508Tanks, soda water3
358506Humidifiers and dehumidifiers44
35850600Humidifiers and dehumidifiers23
35850601Dehumidifiers electric, except portable8
35850602Humidifying equipment, except portable13
358599Refrigeration and heating equipment, nec245
35859901Heating and air conditioning combination units228
35859902Snowmaking machinery17