SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3542—Machine Tools, Metal Forming Types
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal forming machine tools, not supported in the hands of an operator while in use, for pressing, hammering, extruding, shearing, die-casting, or otherwise forming metal into shape. This industry also includes the rebuilding of such machine tools and the manufacture of repair parts for them. Establishments primarily engaged in the manufacture of electric and gas welding equipment and soldering equipment are classified in Industry 3548; those manufacturing portable power-driven handtools are classified in Industry 3546; and those manufacturing rolling mill machinery and equipment are classified in Industry 3547.

Arbor pressesNail heading machines
Beaders, metal (machines)Plasma jet spray metal forming machines
Bending and forming machinesPresses: forming, stamping, punching, and shearing (machine tools)
Brakes metal formingPresses: hydraulic and pneumatic, mechanical and manual
Bulldozers, metalworkingPunching and shearing machines
Can making machinesRebuilt machine tools, metal forming types
Chemical explosives metal forming machinesRiveting machines
Die-casting machinesRobots for metal forming: e.g., pressing, hammering, extruding
Drop hammers, for forging and shaping metalShearing machines, power
Elastic membrane metal forming machinesSheet metalworking machines
Electroforming machinesShock wave metal forming machines
Extruding machines (machine tools), metalSpinning lathes
Forging machinery and hammersSpinning machines, metal
Hammers, power (forging machinery)Spline rolling machines
HeadersSpring winding and forming machines
High energy rate metal forming machinesStretching machines
Knurling machinesSwaging machines
Machine tools, metal forming types: including rebuildingThread rolling machines
Magnetic forming machinesUltrasonically assisted metal forming machines
Mechanical-pneumatic or hydraulic metal forming machinesUpsetters (forging machines)
Metal deposit forming machines
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3542Machine Tools, Metal Forming Type746
354200Machine tools, metal forming type273
35420000Machine tools, metal forming type273
354201Punching, shearing, and bending machines53
35420100Punching, shearing, and bending machines10
35420101Bending machines25
35420102Punching and shearing machines6
35420103Shearing machines, power10
35420104Swaging machines2
354202Pressing machines114
35420200Pressing machines12
35420201Arbor presses5
35420202Crimping machinery, metal8
35420203Press brakes11
35420204Presses: forming, stamping, punching, sizing (machine tools)28
35420205Presses: hydraulic and pneumatic, mechanical and manual50
354203Die casting and extruding machines48
35420300Die casting and extruding machines8
35420301Die casting machines29
35420302Extruding machines (machine tools), metal11
354204Spinning, spline rolling, and winding machines35
35420400Spinning, spline rolling, and winding machines8
35420401Spinning lathes4
35420402Spinning machines, metal7
35420403Spline rolling machines4
35420404Spring winding and forming machines3
35420405Thread rolling machines9
354205Knurling and beading machines19
35420501Beaders, metal (machines)0
35420502Knurling machines1
35420503Marking machines10
35420504Metal deposit forming machines7
354299Machine tools, metal forming type, nec204
35429901Brakes, metal forming14
35429902Bulldozers (metalworking machinery)2
35429904Elastic membrane metal forming machines3
35429905Electroforming machines7
35429906Forging machinery and hammers6
35429907Gear rolling machines5
35429909High energy rate metal forming machines11
35429910Magnetic forming machines11
35429911Mechanical (pneumatic or hydraulic) metal forming machines42
35429912Metal container making machines: cans, etc.7
35429913Nail heading machines2
35429914Plasma jet spray metal forming machines4
35429915Rebuilt machine tools, metal forming types18
35429916Riveting machines8
35429917Robots for metal forming: pressing, extruding, etc.6
35429918Sheet metalworking machines39
35429919Shock wave metal forming machines1
35429920Stretching machines3
35429921Ultrasonically assisted metal forming machines0
35429922Upsetters (forging machines)0