SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3532—Mining Machinery and Equipment, Except Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing heavy machinery an equipment used by the mining industries, such as coal breakers, mine cars, mineral cleaning machinery, concentration machinery, core drills, coal cutters, portable rock drills, and rock crushing machinery. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing construction machinery are classified in Industry 3531; those manufacturing welldrilling machinery are classified in Industry 3533; and those manufacturing coal and ore conveyors are classified in Industry 3535.

Amalgamators (metallurgical and mining machinery)Hammer mills (rock and ore crushing machines), stationary
Auger mining equipmentLoading machines, underground: mobile
Bits, rock: except oil and gas field toolsMining cars and trucks (dollies)
Cages, mine shaftMining equipment, except oil and gas field: rebuilding on a factory
Car dumpers, miningMining machinery and equipment except oil and gas field
Clarifying machinery, mineralOre crushing, washing, screening, and loading machinery
Classifiers, metallurgical and miningPellet mills (mining machinery)
Cleaning machinery, mineralPlows, coal
Coal breakers, cutters, and pulverizersPulverizers, stone: stationary
Concentration machinery (metallurgical and mining)Scraper loaders, underground
Crushers, mineral: stationaryScreeners, stationary
Drills and drilling equipment, mining: except oil and gas fieldSedimentation machinery, mineral
Drills, coreSeparating machinery, mineral
Drills, rock: portableShuttle cars, underground
Feeders, ore and aggregateStamping mill mining machinery
Flotation machinery (mining machinery)Washers, aggregate and sand: stationary type
Grinders, stone: stationary
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3532Mining Machinery579
353200Mining machinery279
35320000Mining machinery279
353201Drills, bits, and similar equipment132
35320100Drills, bits, and similar equipment39
35320101Auger mining equipment13
35320102Bits, except oil and gas field tools, rock15
35320103Drills (portable), rock11
35320104Drills and drilling equipment, mining (except oil and gas)47
35320105Drills, core7
353202Mineral beneficiation equipment40
35320200Mineral beneficiation equipment8
35320201Amalgamators (metallurgical or mining machinery)4
35320202Clarifying machinery, mineral2
35320203Classifiers (metallurgical or mining machinery)1
35320204Cleaning machinery, mineral8
35320205Concentration machinery (metallurgical or mining)2
35320206Flotation machinery (mining machinery)1
35320207Sedimentation machinery, mineral5
35320208Separating machinery, mineral6
35320209Washers, aggregate and sand3
353203Crushing, pulverizing, and screening equipment57
35320300Crushing, pulverizing, and screening equipment15
35320301Coal breakers, cutters, and pulverizers2
35320302Crushers, stationary9
35320303Grinders, stone: stationary4
35320304Pulverizers (stationary), stone8
35320305Rock crushing machinery, stationary15
35320306Screeners, stationary4
353204Mine cars, plows, loaders, feeders, and similar equipment66
35320400Mine cars, plows, loaders, feeders, and similar equipment6
35320401Cages, mine shaft4
35320403Cars, mining1
35320404Feeders, ore and aggregate12
35320405Loading machines, underground: mobile3
35320406Pellet mills (mining machinery)25
35320407Plows, coal1
35320408Scraper loaders, underground1
35320409Shuttle cars, underground6
35320410Trucks (dollies), mining6
353299Mining machinery, nec5
35329901Stamping mill machinery (mining machinery)5