SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3555—Printing Trades Machinery and Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing machinery and equipment used by the printing and bookbinding trades. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing textile printing machinery are classified in Industry 3552.

Advertising and newspaper matsLithographic stones
Blocks, engravers': woodMonotype machines
Bookbinders' machinesPaper ruling and sewing machines (bookbinders' machinery)
Bronzing and dusting machines for the printing tradePhotoengraving machines
Chases and galleys, printers'Planes, printers'
Collating machines for printing and bookbinding trade usePlates, metal: engravers'
Copy holders, printers'Presses, printing
Electrotyping machinesPrinters' machines and equipment
Engraving machinery and equipment (printing trades machinery)Rules, printers'
Envelope printing pressesSlugs, printers'
Etching machines (printing trades machinery)Stereotyping machines
Foundry type for printingSticks, printers'
Gelatin rolls used in printingType: lead, steel, brass, copper faced, etc.
Gravure pressesTypecases, printers'
Intertype machinesTypecasting, founding, and melting machines
Leads, printers'Typesetting machines: intertypes, linotypes, monotypes, etc.
Linotype machinesTypographic numbering machines
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3555Printing Trades Machinery685
355500Printing trades machinery363
35550000Printing trades machinery363
355501Printing presses105
35550100Printing presses91
35550101Presses, envelope, printing10
35550102Presses, gravure4
355502Printing plates80
35550200Printing plates58
35550201Plates, metal: engravers'18
35550202Plates, offset4
355503Printing trade parts and attachments76
35550300Printing trade parts and attachments33
35550301Copy holders, printers'18
35550302Galleys or chases, printers'3
35550303Leads, printers'3
35550304Mats, advertising and newspaper8
35550305Planes, printers'3
35550306Rules, printers'1
35550307Slugs, printers'0
35550308Sticks, printers'3
35550309Type cases, printers'4
355504Engraving machinery and equipment, except plates17
35550400Engraving machinery and equipment, except plates12
35550401Blocks, wood: engravers'2
35550402Photoengraving machines3
355505Type and type making machinery and equipment10
35550500Type and type making machinery and equipment3
35550501Type casting, founding, or melting machines2
35550502Type, foundry (for printing)0
35550503Type: lead, steel, brass, copper faced, etc.5
355506Bookbinding machinery16
35550600Bookbinding machinery13
35550601Collating machines for printing and bookbinding3
355599Printing trades machinery, nec18
35559901Bronzing or dusting machines for the printing trade2
35559902Electrotyping machines4
35559903Lithographic stones4
35559904Stereotyping machines0
35559905Typesetting machines: linotype, monotype, intertype, etc.7
35559906Typographic numbering machines1