SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3556—Food Products Machinery
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing machinery for use by the food products and beverage manufacturing industries and similar machinery for use in manufacturing animal foods. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing food packaging machinery are classified in Industry 3565, and those manufacturing industrial refrigeration machinery are classified in Industry Group 358.

Bakery machineryGrain mill machinery
Biscuit cutters (machines)Grinders, food: commercial types
Bread slicing machinesHomogenizing machinery: dairy, fruit, vegetable, and other foods
Brewers' and maltsers' machineryIce cream manufacturing machinery
Butter making and butter working machineryJuice extractors, fruit and vegetable: commercial type
Cheese making machineryMacaroni machinery: for making macaroni, spaghetti, and noodles
Chewing gum machineryMalt mills
Chocolate processing machineryMeat and poultry processing machinery
Choppers, food: commercial typesMeat grinders
Cider pressesMilk processing machinery
Coffee roasting and grinding machinesMills and presses: beet, cider, and sugarcane
Condensed and evaporated milk machineryMixers and whippers, electric: for food manufacturing industries
Confectionery machineryMixers, feed: except agricultural machinery
Corn popping machines, industrial typeMixers, food: commercial types
Cracker making machinesOilseed crushing and extracting machinery
Cream separators, industrialOvens, bakery
Cutters, biscuit (machines)Pasteurizing equipment, dairy and other food
Dairy products machinery and equipmentPeanut roasting machines
Dehydrating equipment, food processingPotato peelers, electric
Dies biscuit cuttingPresses: cheese, beet, cider, and sugarcane
Distillery machinerySifting machines, food
Dough mixing machinerySlicing machines, fruit and vegetable: commercial types
Dry milk processing machineryStuffers, sausage
Fish and shellfish processing machinerySugar plant machinery
Flour mill machineryVegetable oil processing machinery
Food choppers, grinders, mixers, and slicers: commercial type
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3556Food Products Machinery1,367
355600Food products machinery566
35560000Food products machinery566
355601Dairy and milk machinery110
35560100Dairy and milk machinery52
35560102Cheese making machinery5
35560104Homogenizing machinery: dairy, fruit, vegetable5
35560105Ice cream manufacturing machinery32
35560107Milk machinery, dry milk processing machinery1
35560108Milk processing machinery, nec5
35560109Pasteurizing equipment, dairy machinery9
355602Cutting, chopping, grinding, mixing, and similar machinery121
35560200Cutting, chopping, grinding, mixing, and similar machinery31
35560201Biscuit cutters (machines)2
35560202Biscuit cutting dies1
35560203Choppers, commercial, food5
35560204Dough mixing machinery3
35560205Flour mill machinery9
35560206Grinders, commercial, food8
35560207Mills, food10
35560208Mixers, commercial, food19
35560209Mixers, feed, except agricultural3
35560210Oilseed crushing and extracting machinery9
35560211Potato peelers, electric1
35560212Presses, food: cheese, beet, cider, and sugarcane9
35560213Sifters, food0
35560214Slicers, commercial, food11
355603Smoking or roasting machinery, including ovens174
35560300Smoking or roasting machinery, including ovens3
35560301Dehydrating equipment, food processing67
35560302Ovens, bakery34
35560303Roasting machinery: coffee, peanut, etc.29
35560304Smokers, food processing equipment41
355604Beverage machinery130
35560400Beverage machinery38
35560401Brewers' and maltsters' machinery46
35560402Distillery machinery30
35560403Juice extractors, fruit and vegetable: commercial type14
35560404Malt mills2
355605Meat, poultry, and seafood processing machinery158
35560500Meat, poultry, and seafood processing machinery26
35560501Fish and shellfish processing machinery10
35560502Meat processing machinery93
35560503Poultry processing machinery25
35560504Sausage stuffers4
355699Food products machinery, nec108
35569901Bakery machinery63
35569902Chewing gum machinery2
35569903Chocolate processing machinery8
35569904Confectionery machinery7
35569905Cracker making machines0
35569906Packing house machinery12
35569907Pasta machinery11
35569908Sugar plant machinery5