SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3578—Calculating and Accounting Machines, Except Electronic Computers
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing point-of-sale devices, funds transfer devices, and other calculating and accounting machines, except electronic computers. Included are electronic calculating and accounting machines which must be paced by operator intervention, even when augmented by attachments. These machines may include program control or have input/output capabilities.

Accounting machines, operator pacedCash registers, including adding machines with cash drawers
Adding machinesChange making machines
Automatic teller machines (ATM)Coin counters
Billing machinesFunds transfer devices
Bookkeeping machinesPoint-of-sale devices
Calculating machines, operator pacedRegisters, credit account
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3578Calculating and Accounting Equipment562
357800Calculating and accounting equipment70
35780000Calculating and accounting equipment70
357801Accounting machines and cash registers155
35780100Accounting machines and cash registers28
35780101Accounting machines, operator-paced5
35780102Billing machines13
35780103Cash registers25
35780104Point-of-sale devices80
35780105Registers, credit account4
357802Calculators and adding machines5
35780200Calculators and adding machines1
35780201Adding machines1
35780202Calculators, hand-held3
357803Banking machines300
35780300Banking machines15
35780301Automatic teller machines (ATM)285
357899Calculating and accounting equipment, nec32
35789901Betting machines, pari-mutuel4
35789902Change making machines12
35789903Coin counters16