Industry: 3594—Fluid Power Pumps and Motors
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power pumps and motors, including hydrostatic transmissions. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing pumps for motor vehicles are classified in Industry 3714.

Fluid power pumps and motorsMotors, air or hydraulic fluid power
Hydraulic pumps, aircraftMotors, pneumatic
Hydrostatic drives (transmissions)Pumps, hydraulic power transfer
Hydrostatic transmissions
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3594Fluid Power Pumps and Motors263
359400Fluid power pumps and motors132
35940000Fluid power pumps and motors132
359401Fluid power pumps86
35940100Fluid power pumps45
35940101Pumps, hydraulic power transfer36
35940102Pumps, hydraulic, aircraft5
359402Fluid power motors39
35940200Fluid power motors3
35940201Motors, pneumatic8
35940202Motors: hydraulic, fluid power, or air28
359499Fluid power pumps and motors, nec6
35949901Hydrostatic drives (transmissions)6