Industry: 3589—Service Industry Machinery, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing machines and equipment, not elsewhere classified, for use in service industries, such as floor sanding machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, scrubbing machines, commercial cooking and food warming equipment, and commercial dishwashing machines. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household electrical appliances are classified in Industry Group 363.

Cafeteria food warming equipmentOvens, cafeteria food warming: portable
Carpet sweepers, except household electric vacuum sweepersOvens, microwave (cooking equipment) commercial
Carwashing machinery, including coin-operatedPressure cookers, steam: commercia;
Cookers, steam: restaurant typeSanding machines, floor
Cooking equipment, commercialScrubbing machines
Corn popping machines, commercial typeServicing machines, coin-operated except drycleaning end laundry
Dirt sweeping units, industrialSewage treatment equipment
Dishwashing machines, commercialSewer cleaning equipment, power
Floor sanding, washing, and polishing machines: commercial typeSludge processing equipment
Food warming equipment, commercialVacuum cleaners and sweepers, electric: industrial and commercial
Fryers, commercialWater conditioners, for swimming pools
Garbage disposers, commercialWater filters and softeners, household type
Janitors' cartsWater purification equipment, household type
Mop wringersWater treatment equipment, industrial
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3589Service Industry Machinery, Nec3,556
358900Service industry machinery, nec160
35890000Service industry machinery, nec160
358901Commercial cooking and foodwarming equipment265
35890100Commercial cooking and foodwarming equipment138
35890101Coffee brewing equipment38
35890102Cooking equipment, commercial57
35890103Food warming equipment, commercial12
35890104Microwave ovens (cooking equipment), commercial9
35890105Popcorn machines, commercial7
35890106Pressure cookers, steam: commercial4
358902Commercial cleaning equipment688
35890200Commercial cleaning equipment176
35890201Car washing machinery351
35890202Carpet sweepers, except household electric vacuum sweepers9
35890203Dirt sweeping units, industrial24
35890204Dishwashing machines, commercial35
35890205Floor washing and polishing machines, commercial33
35890206Mop wringers1
35890207Vacuum cleaners and sweepers, electric: industrial59
358903Sewage and water treatment equipment1,850
35890300Sewage and water treatment equipment384
35890301Sewage treatment equipment50
35890302Sewer cleaning equipment, power40
35890303Swimming pool filter and water conditioning systems106
35890304Water filters and softeners, household type219
35890305Water purification equipment, household type194
35890306Water treatment equipment, industrial857
358999Service industry machinery, nec, nec593
35899901Asbestos removal equipment31
35899902Floor sanding machines, commercial12
35899903Garbage disposers and compactors, commercial52
35899904High pressure cleaning equipment335
35899905Janitors' carts6
35899906Liquor dispensing equipment and systems8
35899907Sandblasting equipment43
35899908Servicing machines, except dry cleaning, laundry: coin-oper.24
35899909Shredders, industrial and commercial82