Industry: 3572—Computer Storage Devices
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing computer storage devices.

Auxiliary computer storage unitsMagnetic storage devices for computers
Computer storage unitsOptical storage devices for computers
Disk drives, computerRecorders, tape: for computers
Drum drives, computerTape storage units, computer
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3572Computer Storage Devices1,101
357200Computer storage devices953
35720000Computer storage devices953
357201Computer disk and drum drives and components71
35720100Computer disk and drum drives and components27
35720101Disk drives, computer44
357202Computer tape drives and components35
35720200Computer tape drives and components24
35720201Tape recorders for computers5
35720202Tape storage units, computer6
357299Computer storage devices, nec42
35729901Computer auxiliary storage units21
35729902Magnetic storage devices, computer21