SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3531—Construction Machinery and Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing heavy machinery and equipment of a type used primarily by the construction industries, such as bulldozers; concrete mixers; cranes, except industrial plant overhead and truck-type cranes; dredging machinery; pavers; and power shovels. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing forestry equipment and certain specialized equipment, not elsewhere classified, similar to that used by the construction industries, such as elevating platforms, ship cranes and capstans, aerial work platforms, and automobile wrecker hoists. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing mining equipment are classified in Industry 3532; those manufacturing well-drilling machinery are classified in Industry 3533; those manufacturing industrial plant overhead traveling cranes are classified in Industry 3536; and those manufacturing industrial truck-type cranes are classified in Industry 3537.

Aerial work platforms, hydraulic or electric truck or carrier mountedMixers: e.g., concrete, ore, sand, slag, plaster, mortar, bituminous
Aggregate spreadersMortar mixers
Asphalt plants, including travel-mix typeMud jacks
Automobile wrecker hoistsPavers
Backfillers, self-propelledPile driving equipment
BackhoesPlaners, bituminous
Ballast distributors (railway track equipment)Plaster mixers
Batching plants, bituminousPlows, construction: excavating and grading
Batching plants, for aggregate concrete and bulk cementPost hole diggers, powered
Blades for graders, scrapers, dozers, and snowplowsPower cranes, draglines, and shovels
Breakers, pavingPulverizers, stone: portable
Buckets, excavating: e.g., clamshell, concrete, dragline, drag scraper, shovelRailway track equipment: e.g., rail layers, ballast distributors
Bulldozers, constructionRakes, land clearing: mechanical
Cab, construction machineryRoad construction and maintenance machinery
Capstans, shipRock crushing machinery, portable
Carriers, craneRollers, road
Chip spreaders, self-propelledRollers, sheepsfoot and vibratory
Chippers, commercial: brush, limb, and logSand mixers
Concrete buggies, poweredScarifiers, road
Concrete grouting equipmentScrapers, construction
Concrete gunning equipmentScreeds and screeding machines
Concrete plantsScreeners, portable
Construction machinery, except miningShip cranes and derricks
Cranes, constructionShip winches
Cranes, except industrial plantShovel loaders
Crushers, mineral: portableShovels, power
Derricks, except oil and gas fieldSilos, cement (batch plant)
Distributors (construction machinery)Slag mixers
Ditchers, ladder: vertical boom or wheelSnowplow attachments
Dozers, tractor mounted: material movingSoil compactors: vibratory
Draglines, poweredSpreaders and finishers, construction
Drags, road (construction and road maintenance equipment)Subgraders, construction equipment
Dredging machinerySubsoiler attachments, tractor-mounts
Excavators: e.g., cable, clamshell, crane, derrick, dragline, powerSurfacers, concrete grinding
Extractors, pilingTampers, powered
Finishers and spreaders, constructionTamping equipment, rail
Finishers, concrete and bituminous: poweredTeeth, bucket and scarifier
Grader attachments, elevatingTractors, construction
Graders, road (construction machinery)Tractors, crawler
Grapples: rock, wood, etc.Tractors, tracklaying
Grinders, stone: portableTrenching machines
Hammer mills (rock and ore crushing machines), portableTrucks, off-highway
Hammers, pile drivingVibrators for concrete construction
Line markers, self-propelledWellpoint systems
Locomotive cranesWinches, all types
Log splittersWork platforms, elevated
Logging equipment
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3531Construction Machinery4,042
353100Construction machinery1,219
35310000Construction machinery1,219
353101Forestry related equipment74
35310100Forestry related equipment29
35310101Chippers: brush, limb, and log9
35310102Log splitters12
35310103Logging equipment24
353102Marine related equipment130
35310200Marine related equipment120
35310201Capstans, ship1
35310202Cranes, ship6
35310203Ship winches3
353103Railroad related equipment64
35310300Railroad related equipment25
35310301Ballast distributors9
35310302Cranes, locomotive8
35310303Laying equipment, rail2
35310304Railway track equipment20
353104Bituminous, cement and concrete related products and equip.747
35310400Bituminous, cement and concrete related products and equip.32
35310401Asphalt plant, including gravel-mix type74
35310402Batching plants, for aggregate concrete and bulk cement19
35310403Bituminous batching plants3
35310404Cement silos (batch plant)3
35310405Concrete buggies, powered3
35310406Concrete grouting equipment8
35310407Concrete gunning equipment5
35310408Concrete plants43
35310409Finishers, concrete and bituminous: powered8
35310410Mixers, bituminous0
35310411Mixers, concrete42
35310413Paving breakers3
35310414Planers, bituminous3
35310415Screeds and screeding machines4
35310416Surfacers, concrete grinding19
35310417Vibrators for concrete construction10
353105Scrapers, graders, rollers, and similar equipment76
35310500Scrapers, graders, rollers, and similar equipment9
35310501Backfillers, self-propelled2
35310502Finishers and spreaders (construction equipment)15
35310503Graders, road (construction machinery)15
35310504Ladder ditchers, vertical boom or wheel5
35310505Line markers, self-propelled6
35310506Pile drivers (construction machinery)7
35310508Rollers, road: steam or other power4
35310509Rollers, sheepsfoot and vibratory2
35310511Scrapers (construction machinery)8
35310512Tampers, powered2
353106Backhoes, tractors, cranes, plows, and similar equipment980
35310600Backhoes, tractors, cranes, plows, and similar equipment59
35310602Bulldozers (construction machinery)32
35310603Crane carriers27
35310604Cranes, nec113
35310605Dozers, tractor mounted: material moving21
35310606Draglines, powered2
35310607Dredging machinery15
35310608Entrenching machines10
35310609Excavators: cable, clamshell, crane, derrick, dragline, etc.24
35310610Loaders, shovel: self-propelled3
35310611Shovel loaders1
35310613Subgraders (construction equipment)6
35310614Tractors, construction27
35310615Tractors, crawler5
35310616Tractors, tracklaying4
35310617Trucks, off-highway23
35310618Tunneling machinery7
353107Crushers, grinders, and similar equipment77
35310700Crushers, grinders, and similar equipment15
35310701Crushers, portable2
35310702Grinders, stone: portable4
35310703Hammer mills (rock and ore crushing machines), portable11
35310704Mixers, nec: ore, plaster, slag, sand, mortar, etc.12
35310705Posthole diggers, powered4
35310706Rock crushing machinery, portable19
35310707Screeners, portable2
35310708Soil compactors: vibratory6
35310709Stone pulverizers, portable2
353108Construction machinery attachments338
35310800Construction machinery attachments67
35310801Aggregate spreaders8
35310802Backhoe mounted, hydraulically powered attachments7
35310803Blades for graders, scrapers, dozers, and snow plows31
35310804Bucket or scarifier teeth5
35310805Buckets, excavating: clamshell, concrete, dragline, etc.29
35310806Cabs, for construction machinery8
35310807Drags, road (construction and road maintenance equipment)33
35310808Grader attachments, elevating2
35310809Grapples: rock, wood, etc.6
35310810Plows: construction, excavating, and grading76
35310811Rakes, land clearing: mechanical12
35310812Snow plow attachments30
35310813Subsoiler attachments, tractor mounted3
353199Construction machinery, nec337
35319901Aerial work platforms: hydraulic/elec. truck/carrier mounted42
35319902Airport construction machinery10
35319903Automobile wrecker hoists86
35319904Catch basin cleaners2
35319905Chip spreaders, self-propelled0
35319906Derricks, except oil and gas field21
35319907Mud jacks6
35319908Road construction and maintenance machinery102
35319909Roofing equipment63
35319910Wellpoint systems5