SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3599—Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing machinery and equipment and parts, not elsewhere classified, such as amusement park equipment and flexible metal hose and tubing. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in producing or repairing machinery and equipment parts, not elsewhere classified, on a job or order basis for others. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing motor vehicle engine filters are classified in Industry 3714, and those manufacturing coin-operated amusement machines are classified in Industry 3999.

Amusement rides for carnivalsFilters, internal combustion engine: oil, gasoline, air intake, except motor vehicle engine
Bellows, industrial: metalGrinding castings for the trade
Boiler tube cleanersHose, flexible metallic
Carousels (merry-go-rounds)Leak detectors, water
CatapultsMachine shops, jobbing and repair
Chemical milling job shopsPropellers, ship and boat: machined
Cleaners, boiler tubeRiddles, sand (hand sifting or screening apparatus)
Crankshaft and camshaft machiningSludge tables
Cups, oil and grease: metalSwage blocks
Electrical discharge machining (EDM)Ties, form: metal
Fan forgesTubing, flexible metallic
Ferris wheelsWeather vanes
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3599Industrial Machinery, Nec23,190
359900Industrial machinery, nec1,064
35990000Industrial machinery, nec1,064
359901Amusement park equipment234
35990100Amusement park equipment189
35990101Carnival machines and equipment, amusement park, nec27
35990102Carousels (merry-go-rounds)10
35990103Ferris wheels8
359902Flexible metal hose, tubing, and bellows134
35990200Flexible metal hose, tubing, and bellows40
35990201Bellows, industrial: metal38
35990202Hose, flexible metallic42
35990203Tubing, flexible metallic14
359903Machine and other job shop work20,697
35990300Machine and other job shop work758
35990301Chemical milling job shop22
35990302Custom machinery826
35990303Machine shop, jobbing and repair19,091
359999Industrial machinery, nec, nec1,061
35999901Air intake filters, internal combustion engine, except auto76
35999902Boiler tube cleaners7
35999904Column clamps and shores2
35999905Crankshafts and camshafts, machining107
35999906Electrical discharge machining (EDM)95
35999907Fan forges1
35999908Gasoline filters, internal combustion engine, except auto11
35999909Grease cups, metal1
35999910Grinding castings for the trade567
35999911Oil cups, metal1
35999912Oil filters, internal combustion engine, except auto27
35999913Propellers, ship and boat: machined25
35999914Pump governors, for gas machines4
35999915Sand riddles (hand sifting or screening apparatus)5
35999917Swage blocks1
35999918Ties, form: metal8
35999919Water leak detectors46
35999920Weather vanes10