Industry: 3541—Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Types
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal cutting type machine tools, not supported in the hands of an operator when in use, that shape metal by cutting or use of electrical techniques; the rebuilding of such machine tools, and the manufacture of replacement parts for them. Also included in this industry are metalworking machine tools designed primarily for home workshops. Establishments primarily engaged in the manufacture of electric and gas welding and soldering equipment are classified in Industry 3548, and those manufacturing portable power-driven handtools are classified in Industry 3546.

Automatic chucking machinesJig grinding machines
Boring machine tools, metalworkingKeyseating machines (machine tools)
Boring millsLapping machines
Boring, drilling, and milling machine combinationsLathes, metal cutting
Broaching machinesMachine tool replacement and repair parts, metal cutting types
Brushing machines (metalworking machinery)Machine tools, metal cutting: e.g., exotic, chemical, explosive
Buffing and polishing machines (machine tools)Metal polishing lathes
Burnishing machines (machine tools)Milling machines (machine tools)
Centering machinesPipe cutting and threading machines (machine tools)
Chemical milling machinesPlaners, metal cutting
Countersinking machinesPlasma process metal cutting machines, except welding machines
Cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)Pointing, chamfering, and burring machines
Cutting machines, pipe (machine tools)Polishing machines (machine tools)
Cylinder reboring machinesReaming machines
Deburring machinesRebuilt machine tools, metal cutting types
Diesinking machinesRegrinding machines, crankshaft
Drill presses (machine tools)Rifle working machines (machine tools)
Drilling machine tools (metal cutting)Robots for drilling and cutting-machine type, metalworking
Duplicator, machine toolsRobots for grinding, polishing, and deburring—metalworking
Electrical discharge erosion machinesSaws, power: metal cutting
Electrical discharge grinding machinesScrew and nut slotting machines
Electrochemical milling machinesScrew machines, automatic
Electrolytic metal cutting machine toolsSewing and cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)
Electron-discharge metal cutting machine toolsShapers and slotters, metal cutting
Facing machinesShaving machines (metalworking)
Filing machines, metal (machine tools)Slotting machines (machine tools)
Flange facing machinesTapping machines
Gear chamfering machines (machine tools)Threading machines (machine tools)
Gear cutting and finishing machinesTurning machines (lathes)
Gear tooth grinding machines (machine tools)Turret lathes, metal cutting
Grinding machines, metalworkingUltrasonic assisted grinding machines (metalworking)
Grooving machines (machine tools)Ultrasonic metal cutting machine tools
Home workshop machine tools, metalworkingValve grinding machines
Honing and lapping machinesVertical turning and boring machines (metalworking)
Jig boring machines
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3541Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Type2,325
354100Machine tools, metal cutting type960
35410000Machine tools, metal cutting type960
354101Drilling and boring machines223
35410100Drilling and boring machines101
35410101Boring mills11
35410102Broaching machines16
35410103Countersinking machines0
35410104Cylinder reboring machines1
35410105Drill presses8
35410106Drilling machine tools (metal cutting)47
35410107Jig boring and grinding machines8
35410108Reaming machines2
35410109Vertical turning and boring machines (metalworking)29
354102Grinding, polishing, buffing, lapping, and honing machines158
35410200Grinding, polishing, buffing, lapping, and honing machines21
35410201Brushing machines (metalworking machinery)4
35410202Buffing and polishing machines8
35410203Crankshaft regrinding machines5
35410204Deburring machines28
35410205Facing machines0
35410206Flange facing machines2
35410207Grinding machines, metalworking76
35410208Honing and lapping machines9
35410209Lapping machines4
35410210Pointing and burring machines1
354103Milling machines95
35410300Milling machines78
35410301Chemical milling machines4
35410302Die sinking machines5
35410303Electrochemical milling machines8
35410401Chucking machines, automatic1
35410402Lathes, metal cutting and polishing17
35410403Turret lathes1
354105Screw and thread machines78
35410500Screw and thread machines8
35410501Pipe cutting and threading machines16
35410502Screw and nut slotting machines3
35410503Screw machines, automatic42
35410504Tapping machines9
354106Saws and sawing machines54
35410600Saws and sawing machines22
35410601Cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)12
35410602Sawing and cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)13
35410603Saws, power (metalworking machinery)7
354199Machine tools, metal cutting type, nec562
35419901Centering machines6
35419902Electrical discharge erosion machines21
35419903Electrolytic metal cutting machine tools9
35419904Electron-discharge metal cutting machine tools6
35419905Gear cutting and finishing machines23
35419906Home workshop machine tools, metalworking34
35419907Keysetting machines3
35419908Machine tool replacement & repair parts, metal cutting types303
35419909Machine tools, metal cutting: exotic (explosive, etc.)56
35419910Numerically controlled metal cutting machine tools53
35419911Planers (metal cutting machine tools)6
35419912Plasma process metal cutting machines29
35419913Robots for drilling, cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.4
35419914Shaving machines (metalworking)3
35419915Ultrasonic metal cutting machine tools6