SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3553—Woodworking Machinery
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing machinery for sawmills, for making particleboard and similar products, and for otherwise working or producing wood products. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing handtools such as planes, axes, drawknives, and handsaws are classified in Industry Group 342, and those manufacturing portable power-driven handtools in Industry 3546.

Bandsaws, woodworkingSanding machines, except portable floor sanders (woodworking
Box making machines for wooden boxesSawmill machines
Cabinet makers' machinerySaws, power: bench and table (woodworking machinery) except portable
Furniture makers' machinery (woodworking)Scarfing machines (woodworking machinery)
Jointers (woodworking machines)Shapers, woodworking machinery
Lathes, wood turning: including accessoriesSurfacers (woodworking machines)
Mortisers (woodworking machines)Tenoners (woodworking machines)
Pattern makers' machinery (woodworking)Veneer mill machines
Planers, woodworkingVenetian blind machines (woodworking machinery)
Planing mill machineryWoodworking machines
Presses, woodworking: particleboard, hardboard, medium density
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3553Woodworking Machinery821
355300Woodworking machinery262
35530000Woodworking machinery262
355399Woodworking machinery, nec559
35539901Bandsaws, woodworking37
35539902Box making machines, for wooden boxes5
35539903Cabinet makers' machinery262
35539904Furniture makers machinery, woodworking125
35539905Jointers, woodworking machines3
35539906Lathes, wood turning: including accessories5
35539907Mortisers, woodworking machines3
35539908Pattern makers' machinery, woodworking11
35539909Planers, woodworking machines6
35539910Planing mill machinery1
35539911Presses for making particleboard, hardboard, plywood, etc.1
35539912Sanding machines, except portable floor sanders: woodworking12
35539913Sawmill machines54
35539914Saws, power: bench and table, except portable: woodworking15
35539915Scarfing machines, woodworking4
35539916Shapers, woodworking machines6
35539917Surfacers, woodworking machines2
35539918Tenoners, woodworking machines1
35539919Veneer mill machines6