SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3536—Overhead Traveling Cranes, Hoists, and Monorail Systems
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing overhead traveling cranes, hoists, and monorail systems for installation in factories, warehouses, marinas, and other industrial and commercial establishments. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing cranes except industrial types, automobile wrecker hoists, and aerial work platforms are classified in Industry 3531, and those manufacturing aircraft loading hoists are classified in Industry 3537.

Boat liftsHoists, except aircraft loading and automobile wrecker hoists
Cranes, overhead travelingHoists, overhead
DavitsMonorail systems
Hoists hand
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3536Hoists, Cranes, and Monorails611
353600Hoists, cranes, and monorails237
35360000Hoists, cranes, and monorails237
35360101Boat lifts173
35360103Hand hoists6
35360104Hoisting slings11
35360105Mine hoists3
353602Cranes and monorail systems119
35360200Cranes and monorail systems18
35360201Cranes, industrial plant47
35360202Cranes, overhead traveling51
35360203Monorail systems3