SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3552—Textile Machinery
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing machinery for the textile industries, including parts, attachments, and accessories. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial sewing machines are classified in Industry 3559, and those manufacturing household sewing machines are classified in Industry 3639.

Beaming machines, textileLooms (textile machinery)
Bleaching machinery, textileLoopers (textile machinery)
Bobbins for textile machineryMercerizing machinery
Braiding machines, textileNapping machines (textile machinery)
Carbonizing equipment (wool processing machinery)Picker machines (textile machinery)
Card clothing for textile machinesPicker sticks for looms
Carding machines, textilePrinting machinery, textile
Cloth spreading machinesReeds, loom
Cloth stripping machinesRope and cordage machines
Combing machines, textileRoving machines (textile machinery)
Creels, textile machineryShuttles for textile weaving
Drawing frames, textileSilk screens for the textile industry
Drying machines, textile: for stock, yarn, and clothSlashing machines (textile machinery)
Dyeing machinery, textileSpindles, textile
Embroidery machinesSpinning machines, textile
Finishing machinery, textileSpools, textile machinery: wood
Frames, doubling and twisting (textile machinery)Textile finishing machinery: bleaching, dyeing, mercerizing, and printing
Garnetting machines, textileTextile machinery parts
Heddles for loom harnesses, wireTextile machinery, except sewing machines
Hosiery machinesTextile turnings and shapes, wood
Jacquard card cutting machinesThread making machines (spinning machinery), textile
Jacquard loom parts and attachmentsTufting machines
Knitting machinesWarp and knot tying machines (textile machinery)
Knot tying machines (textile machinery)Warping machines (textile machinery)
Lace and net machinesWinders (textile machinery)
Lace machine bobbins, wood or metalWool and worsted finishing machines
Loom bobbins. wood or metalYarn texturizing machines
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3552Textile Machinery517
355200Textile machinery177
35520000Textile machinery177
355201Fiber and yarn preparation machinery and equipment51
35520100Fiber and yarn preparation machinery and equipment4
35520101Beaming machines, textile0
35520102Bobbins, textile machinery0
35520103Carbonizing equipment, wool processing machinery0
35520104Card clothing, textile machinery3
35520105Carding machines, textile0
35520107Drawing frames, textile1
35520108Frames, doubling and twisting, textile machinery1
35520109Garnetting machines, textile0
35520110Opening machinery and equipment5
35520111Picker machines, textile1
35520112Rope and cordage machines3
35520113Roving machines, textile2
35520114Shearing machinery3
35520115Spindles, textile13
35520116Spinning machines, textile4
35520117Spools, textile machinery: wood1
35520118Thread making machines, spinning machinery2
35520119Warping machines, textile0
35520120Winders, textile machinery7
35520121Yarn texturizing machines1
355202Fabric forming machinery and equipment158
35520200Fabric forming machinery and equipment7
35520201Braiding machines, textile10
35520202Embroidery machines108
35520203Heddles for loom harnesses, wire2
35520204Hosiery machines0
35520205Jacquard card cutting machines1
35520206Jacquard loom parts and attachments1
35520207Knitting machines15
35520208Lace and net machines1
35520209Looms, textile machinery7
35520210Loopers, textile machinery2
35520211Reeds, loom3
35520212Shuttles for textile weaving1
35520213Slashing machines, textile0
355203Dyeing, drying, and finishing machinery and equipment123
35520300Dyeing, drying, and finishing machinery and equipment13
35520301Bleaching machinery, textile3
35520302Cloth spreading machines2
35520303Drying machines, textile: for stock, yarn, and cloth3
35520304Dyeing machinery, textile1
35520305Finishing machinery, textile12
35520306Mercerizing machinery, textile0
35520308Printing machinery, textile31
35520309Silk screens for textile industry58
355299Textile machinery, nec8
35529901Creels, textile machinery7
35529902Knot tying machines, textile1