SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3569—General Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Not Elsewhere
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing machinery, equipment, and components for general industrial use, and for which no special classification is provided. Machine shops primarily engaged in producing machine and equipment parts, usually on a job or order basis, are classified in Industry 3599.

Altitude testing chambersJacks, hydraulic: for general industrial use
Baling machines for scrap metal, paper, and similar materialsLubricating systems, centralized
Blast cleaning equipment, dustless: except metalworkingLubrication equipment, industrial
Brake burnishing and washing machinesLubrication machinery, automatic
Bridge and gate machinery, hydraulicOrdnance testing chambers
Burnishing and washing machines, brakeOvens, surveillance: for aging and testing powder
Centrifuges, industrialPowder testing chambers
Cremating ovensPresses, metal baling
Driers and reel, firehosePurifiers, centrifugal
Filter elements, fluid: hydraulic lineReels and racks, firehose
Filters, fluid, general line industrial: except internal combustionRobots for general industrial use
Filters, pipelineScreening and sifting machines for general industrial use
Firefighting apparatus, except automotive and chemicalScrews, jack
Firehose, except rubberSeparators for steam, gas, vapor, and air (machinery)
Gas producers (machinery)Sifting and screening machines for general industrial use
Gas separators (machinery)Sprinkler systems, fire: automatic
Generators, gasSteam separators (machinery)
Generators: steam, liquid oxygen, and nitrogenStrainers, pipeline
Heaters, swimming pool: electricTemperature testing chambers
Hose, fire: except rubberTesting chambers for altitude, temperature, ordnance, and power
Ice crushers, except householdVapor separators (machinery)
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3569General Industrial Machinery,2,159
356900General industrial machinery, nec258
35690000General industrial machinery, nec258
35690101Filter elements, fluid, hydraulic line18
35690102Filters and strainers, pipeline31
35690103Filters, general line: industrial167
356902Firefighting and related equipment312
35690200Firefighting and related equipment168
35690201Firefighting apparatus38
35690202Firehose equipment: driers, rack, and reels5
35690203Firehose, except rubber0
35690204Sprinkler systems, fire: automatic101
356903Lubricating equipment102
35690300Lubricating equipment36
35690301Lubricating systems, centralized10
35690302Lubrication equipment, industrial45
35690303Lubrication machinery, automatic11
356904Gas producers, generators, and other gas related equipment151
35690400Gas producers, generators, and other gas related equipment62
35690401Gas generators16
35690402Gas producers (machinery)13
35690403Gas separators (machinery)11
35690404Generators: steam, liquid oxygen, or nitrogen32
35690405Separators for steam, gas, vapor, or air (machinery)17
356999General industrial machinery, nec, nec686
35699901Assembly machines, non-metalworking186
35699902Baling machines, for scrap metal, paper, or similar material45
35699903Blast cleaning equipment, dustless48
35699904Brake burnishing or washing machines1
35699905Bridge or gate machinery, hydraulic14
35699906Centrifugal purifiers6
35699907Centrifuges, industrial28
35699908Cremating ovens6
35699909Heaters, swimming pool: electric7
35699910Ice crushers (machinery)2
35699911Jack screws3
35699912Jacks, hydraulic30
35699913Liquid automation machinery and equipment102
35699914Robots, assembly line: industrial and commercial177
35699915Sifting and screening machines6
35699916Surveillance ovens for aging and testing powder1
35699917Testing chambers for altitude, temperature, ordnance, power18
35699918Industrial shock absorbers6