Industry: 3568—Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing mechanical power transmission equipment and parts, for industrial machinery. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing motor vehicle power transmission equipment are classified in Industry 3714; those manufacturing aircraft power transmission equipment are classified in Industry 3728; those manufacturing ball and roller bearings are classified in Industry 3562; and those manufacturing speed changers, industrial high-speed drives, and gears are classified in Industry 3566.

Ball joints, except motor vehicle and aircraftJoints, swivel: except motor vehicle and aircraft
Bearings, plainJoints, universal: except motor vehicle
Belting, chainPillow blocks, with plain bearings
Chain, power transmissionPivots, power transmission
Clutches, except motor vehiclePulleys, power transmission
Collars, shaft (power transmission equipment)Railroad car journal bearings, plain
Couplings, shaft rigid, flexible, universal joint, etc.Shafts, flexible
Drive chains, bicycle and motorcycleSprockets (power transmission equipment)
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3568Power Transmission Equipment, Nec476
356800Power transmission equipment, nec237
35680000Power transmission equipment, nec237
356801Bearings, bushings, and blocks66
35680100Bearings, bushings, and blocks32
35680101Bearings, plain27
35680102Pillow blocks with plain bearings2
35680103Railroad car journal bearings5
356802Joints and couplings65
35680200Joints and couplings13
35680201Ball joints, except aircraft and auto2
35680202Couplings, shaft: rigid, flexible, universal joint, etc.41
35680203Joints, swivel and universal, except aircraft and auto9
356803Drives, chains, and sprockets57
35680300Drives, chains, and sprockets14
35680301Belting, chain9
35680302Chain, power transmission9
35680303Drive chains, bicycle or motorcycle4
35680304Drives: belt, cable, or rope5
35680305Sprockets (power transmission equipment)16
356899Power transmission equipment, nec, nec51
35689901Clutches, except vehicular26
35689902Collars, shaft (power transmission equipment)3
35689903Pivots, power transmission4
35689904Pulleys, power transmission8
35689905Shafts, flexible10