SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3577—Computer Peripheral Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing computer peripheral equipment, not elsewhere classified, including printers, plotters, and graphic displays. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing modems and other communications interface equipment are classified in Industry 3661.

Card punching and sorting machinesKey-tape equipment: reel, cassette, or cartridge
Card-type conversion equipment, computer peripheral equipmentKeying equipment, computer peripheral equipment
Computer output to microfilm units, computer peripheral equipmentMagnetic ink recognition devices, computer peripheral equipment
Computer paper tape punchers and devices, computer peripheralMedia-to media data conversion equipment, computer peripheral
Decoders, computer peripheral equipmentOptical scanning devices, computer peripheral equipment
Disk pack inspectors, computer peripheral equipmentPlotter controllers, computer peripheral equipment
Document entry conversion devices, computer peripheral equipmentPlotters, computer
Graphic displays, except graphic terminals: computer peripheralPrinters, computer
Input/output equipment, computer: except terminalsPunch card equipment: card readers, tabulators, collators, sorters, and interpreters
Key punch/verify cards, computer peripheral equipmentTape cleaners, magnetic: computer peripheral equipment
Key-disk or diskette equipment, computer peripheral equipmentTape print units, computer peripheral equipment
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3577Computer Peripheral Equipment, Nec1,964
357700Computer peripheral equipment, nec1,202
35770000Computer peripheral equipment, nec1,202
357701Printers and plotters252
35770100Printers and plotters116
35770101Plotters, computer8
35770102Printers, computer128
357702Key-tape equipment, except drives9
35770200Key-tape equipment, except drives3
35770201Paper tape (computer) equipment: punches, readers, etc.1
35770202Tape cleaners, magnetic: computer3
35770203Tape print units, computer2
357703Disk and diskette equipment, except drives5
35770300Disk and diskette equipment, except drives4
35770301Disk pack inspectors0
35770302Diskette or key-disk equipment1
357704Keypunch equipment7
35770400Keypunch equipment1
35770401Punch card equipment: readers, tabulators, sorters, etc.4
35770402Verifiers, punch card2
357705Magnetic ink and optical scanning devices200
35770500Magnetic ink and optical scanning devices35
35770501Bar code (magnetic ink) printers88
35770502Magnetic ink recognition devices8
35770503Optical scanning devices59
35770504Readers, sorters, or inscribers, magnetic ink10
357799Computer peripheral equipment, nec, nec289
35779901Computer output to microfilm units12
35779902Data conversion equipment, media-to-media: computer132
35779903Decoders, computer peripheral equipment12
35779904Encoders, computer peripheral equipment19
35779905Film reader devices0
35779906Graphic displays, except graphic terminals61
35779907Input/output equipment, computer53