Industry: 3567—Industrial Process Furnaces and Ovens
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial process furnaces, ovens, induction and dielectric heating equipment, and related devices. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing bakery ovens are classified in Industry 3556; those manufacturing cement, wood, and chemical kilns are classified in Industry 3559; those manufacturing cremating ovens are classified in Industry 3569; and those manufacturing laboratory furnaces and ovens are classified in Industry 3821.

Calcining kilns (industrial furnaces)Infrared ovens, industrial
Ceramic kilns and furnacesJapanning ovens
Core baking and mold drying ovensKilns except cement, chemical, and wood
Dielectric heating equipmentLacquering ovens
Distillation ovens, charcoal and cokeMetal melting furnaces, industrial
Driers and redriers, industrial processOvens, industrial process except bakery
Enameling ovensPaint baking and drying ovens
Furnaces, industrial processRadiant heating systems, industrial process: e.g., dryers, cookers
Heat treating ovensRubber curing ovens
Heating equipment, inductionSherardizing ovens
Heating units and devices, industrial electricSmelting ovens
Incinerators, metal domestic and commercialVacuum furnaces and ovens
Induction heating equipment
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3567Industrial Furnaces and Ovens549
356700Industrial furnaces and ovens191
35670000Industrial furnaces and ovens191
356701Electrical furnaces, ovens, & heating devices, exc.induction167
35670100Electrical furnaces, ovens, & heating devices, exc.induction24
35670101Heating units and devices, industrial: electric126
35670102Metal melting furnaces, industrial: electric17
356702Fuel-fired furnaces and ovens19
35670200Fuel-fired furnaces and ovens12
35670201Distillation ovens, charcoal and coke2
35670202Metal melting furnaces, industrial: fuel-fired5
356703Induction and dielectric heating equipment44
35670300Induction and dielectric heating equipment2
35670301Dielectric heating equipment5
35670302Induction heating equipment37
356799Industrial furnaces and ovens, nec128
35679901Calcining kilns2
35679902Ceramic kilns and furnaces21
35679903Core baking and mold drying ovens1
35679904Driers and redriers, industrial process15
35679905Enameling ovens0
35679906Incinerators, metal: domestic or commercial19
35679907Infrared ovens, industrial14
35679908Kilns, nsk9
35679910Paint baking and drying ovens2
35679911Radiant heating systems, industrial process23
35679913Smelting ovens1
35679914Vacuum furnaces and ovens10
35679915Incinerators, thermal, fume & catalytic11