SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3546—Power-Driven Handtools
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing power-driven handtools, such as drills and drilling tools, pneumatic and snagging grinders, and electric hammers. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal cutting type and metal forming type machines (including home workshop tools) which are not supported in the hands of an operator are classified in Industries 3541 and 3542; and those primarily manufacturing power-driven heavy construction or mining handtools are classified in Industry Group 353.

Attachments for portable drillsGrinders, snagging
Buffing machines, hand: electricGuns, pneumatic: chip removal
Cartridge-activated hand power toolsHammers: portable electric and pneumatic: e.g., chipping, riveting, caulking
Caulking hammersHandtools, power-driven: woodworking or metalworking
Chain saws, portableMasonry and concrete drilling tools, power: portable
Chipping hammers, electricPowder-actuated hand tools
Drills (except rock drilling and coring), portable: electric and pneumaticRiveting hammers
Drills, hand: electricSanders, hand: electric
Flexible shaft metalworking machines, portableSaws, portable hand held: power-driven—woodworking or metalworking
Grinders, pneumatic and electric: portable (metalworking machinery)
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3546Power-driven Handtools398
354600Power-driven handtools238
35460000Power-driven handtools238
354601Drills and drilling tools47
35460100Drills and drilling tools40
35460101Drill attachments, portable3
35460102Drills, portable, except rock: electric or pneumatic4
354602Saws and sawing equipment85
35460200Saws and sawing equipment68
35460201Chain saws, portable13
35460202Saws, portable and handheld: power driven4
354699Power-driven handtools, nec28
35469901Cartridge-activated hand power tools13
35469902Grinders, portable: electric or pneumatic7
35469903Guns, pneumatic: chip removal4
35469904Hammers, portable: electric or pneumatic, chipping, etc.3
35469905Sanders, hand: electric1