SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3524—Lawn and Garden Tractors and Home Lawn and Garden Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing lawnmowers, lawn and garden tractors, and other lawn and garden equipment used for home lawn and garden care. Also included are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing snowblowers and throwers for residential use. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing farm machinery and equipment (including commercial mowing and other turf and grounds care equipment) are classified in Industry 3523; those manufacturing hand lawn and garden shears and pruners are classified in Industry 3421; and those manufacturing other garden handtools are classified in Industry 3423.

Blowers, residential lawnMulchers, residential lawn and garden
Carts for lawn and garden usePlows (garden tractor equipment)
Cultivators (garden tractor equipment)Rototillers (garden machinery)
Grass catchers, lawnmowerSeeders, residential lawn and garden
Hedge trimmers, powerSnowblowers and throwers, residential
Lawn edgers, powerTractors, lawn and garden
Lawn rollers, residentialVacuums, residential lawn
Lawnmowers, hand and power: residentialWagons for residential lawn and garden use
Loaders (garden tractor equipment)
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3524Lawn and Garden Equipment579
352400Lawn and garden equipment319
35240000Lawn and garden equipment319
352401Lawn and garden tractors and equipment59
35240100Lawn and garden tractors and equipment47
35240101Cultivators (garden tractor equipment)2
35240102Loaders (garden tractor equipment)2
35240103Plows (garden tractor equipment)2
35240104Rototillers (garden machinery)6
352402Lawn and garden mowers and accessories153
35240200Lawn and garden mowers and accessories78
35240201Grass catchers, lawn mower42
35240202Lawnmowers, residential: hand or power33
352499Lawn and garden equipment, nec48
35249901Blowers and vacuums, lawn7
35249902Carts or wagons for lawn and garden9
35249903Edgers, lawn6
35249904Hedge trimmers, electric3
35249905Rollers, lawn2
35249906Snowblowers and throwers, residential21