Industry: 3523—Farm Machinery and Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing farm machinery and equipment, including wheel tractors, for use in the preparation and maintenance of the soil; planting and harvesting of the crop; preparing crops for market on the farm; or for use in performing other farm operations and processes. Included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing commercial mowing and other turf and grounds care equipment. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing farm handtools are classified in Industry Group 342, and those manufacturing garden tractors, lawnmowers and other lawn and garden equipment are classified in Industry 3524.

Agricultural implements and machineryHarrows: disc, spring, and tine
Ammonia applicators and attachments (agricultural machinery)Harvesting machines
Bale throwersHaying machines: mowers, rakes, loaders, stackers, balers, presses, etc.
Balers, farm: e.g., hay, straw, cottonHog feeding, handling, and watering equipment
Barn cleanersHulling machinery, agricultural
Barn stanchions and standardsIncubators, except laboratory and infant
Blowers and cutters, ensilageIrrigation equipment, self-propelled
Blowers, forageLand rollers and levelers (agricultural machinery)
Cabs, agricultural machineryLoaders, farm type (general utility)
Calf savers (farm equipment)Milking machines
Cattle feeding, handling, and watering equipmentMowers and mower-conditioners, hay
Cattle oilers (farm equipment)Peanut combines, diggers, packers, and threshers (agricultural
Chicken broodersPlanting machines, agricultural
Cleaning machines for fruits, grains and vegetables: farmPlows, agricultural: disc, moldboard, chisel, etc.
Combines (harvester-threshers)Potato diggers, harvesters, and planters (agricultural machinery)
Conveyors, farm (agricultural machinery)Poultry brooders, feeders, and waterers
Corn pickers and shellers, farmPoultry vision control devices
Corrals, portablePresses and balers, farm: hay, cotton, etc.
Cotton picker and stripper harvesting machineryRakes, hay (agricultural machinery)
Cream separators, farmRotary hoes (agricultural machinery)
Crop driers, farmRoughage mills (agricultural machinery)
Crushers, feed (agricultural machinery)Seeders (agricultural machinery)
Cultivators, agricultural field and row cropSeparators, grain and berry: farm
Cutters, ensilageShears, sheep: power
Dairy equipment, farmShellers, nut (agricultural machinery)
Drags (agricultural equipment)Shredders (agricultural machinery)
Driers: grain, hay, and seed (agricultural implements)Silo fillers (agricultural machinery)
Dusters, mechanical: agriculturalSoil pulverizers and packers (agricultural machinery)
Elevators, farmSorting machines for agricultural products
Farm machinery and equipmentSprayers, hand: agricultural
Feed grinders, crushers, and mixers (agricultural machinery)Spraying machines (agricultural machinery)
Feeders, chickenSpreaders, fertilizer
Fertilizing machinery, farmTobacco curers
Field type rotary tillers (agricultural machinery)Tractors, wheel: farm type
Fruit, vegetable, berry, and grape harvesting machinesTrailers and wagons, farm
Gates, holding (farm equipment)Transplanters
Grading, cleaning, and sorting machines: fruit, grain, and vegetableTurf equipment, commercial
Grain drills, including legume planters (agricultural machinery)Vine pullers
Grain stackersVolume guns (irrigation equipment)
Greens mowing equipmentWater troughs
Grounds mowing equipmentWeeding machines, farm
Hair clippers for animal use, hand and electricWindmills for pumping water (agricultural machinery)
Hammer and roughage mills (agricultural machinery)Windrowers (agricultural machinery)
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3523Farm Machinery and Equipment3,224
352300Farm machinery and equipment1,710
35230000Farm machinery and equipment1,710
352301Planting, haying, harvesting, and processing machinery466
35230100Planting, haying, harvesting, and processing machinery45
35230101Balers, farm: hay, straw, cotton, etc.42
35230102Cleaning machines for fruits, grains, and vegetables5
35230103Combines (harvester-threshers)12
35230104Corn pickers and shellers1
35230105Cotton pickers and strippers4
35230106Driers (farm): grain, hay, and seed192
35230107Grading, cleaning, sorting machines, fruit, grain, vegetable20
35230108Grain stackers5
35230109Harvesters, fruit, vegetable, tobacco, etc.54
35230110Haying machines: mowers, rakes, stackers, etc.14
35230111Hulling machinery, agricultural9
35230112Peanut combines, diggers, packers, and threshers7
35230113Planting machines, agricultural19
35230114Potato diggers, harvesters, and planters15
35230115Shakers, tree: nuts, fruits, etc.3
35230116Tobacco curers2
352302Soil preparation machinery, except turf and grounds47
35230200Soil preparation machinery, except turf and grounds18
35230201Harrows: disc, spring, tine, etc.4
35230202Plows, agricultural: disc, moldboard, chisel, listers, etc.15
35230203Weeding machines, agricultural10
352303Fertilizing, spraying, dusting, and irrigation machinery244
35230300Fertilizing, spraying, dusting, and irrigation machinery50
35230301Dusters, mechanical: agricultural5
35230302Fertilizing machinery, farm26
35230303Irrigation equipment, self-propelled71
35230304Sprayers and spraying machines, agricultural73
35230305Spreaders, fertilizer19
352304Barn, silo, poultry, dairy, and livestock machinery406
35230400Barn, silo, poultry, dairy, and livestock machinery85
35230401Barn cleaners10
35230402Barn stanchions and standards15
35230403Blowers, forage5
35230404Cattle feeding, handling, and watering equipment105
35230405Clippers, for animal use: hand or electric5
35230407Crop storage bins11
35230408Cutters and blowers, ensilage1
35230409Dairy equipment (farm), nec54
35230410Feed grinders, crushers, and mixers18
35230411Hog feeding, handling, and watering equipment23
35230412Incubators and brooders, farm10
35230413Loaders, farm type: manure, general utility23
35230414Milking machines4
35230415Poultry brooders, feeders and waterers18
35230416Sheep shears, power1
35230417Silo fillers and unloaders7
35230418Water troughs9
35230419Livestock treadmills2
352305Turf and grounds equipment121
35230500Turf and grounds equipment52
35230501Greens mowing equipment11
35230502Grounds mowing equipment32
35230503Turf equipment, commercial26
352399Farm machinery and equipment, nec230
35239901Cabs, tractors, and agricultural machinery45
35239902Elevators, farm14
35239903Soil sampling machines10
35239904Tractors, farm59
35239905Trailers and wagons, farm72
35239906Windmills for pumping water, agricultural30