SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3561—Pumps and Pumping Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing pumps and pumping equipment for general industrial, commercial, or household use, except fluid power pumps and motors. Included are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing domestic water and sump pumps. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fluid power pumps and motors are classified in Industry 3594; those manufacturing measuring and dispensing pumps for gasoline service station use are classified in Industry 3586; those manufacturing vacuum pumps, except laboratory, are classified in Industry 3563; those manufacturing laboratory vacuum pumps are classified in Industry 3821; and those manufacturing pumps for motor vehicles are classified in Industry 3714.

Cylinders, pumpPumps, domestic: water or sump
Domestic water pumpsPumps, general industrial type
Hydrojet marine engine unitsPumps, oil well and oil field
Pump jacks
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3561Pumps and Pumping Equipment1,298
356100Pumps and pumping equipment800
35610000Pumps and pumping equipment800
356101Industrial pumps and parts377
35610100Industrial pumps and parts268
35610101Pump jacks and other pumping equipment39
35610102Pumps, oil well and field70
356199Pumps and pumping equipment, nec121
35619901Cylinders, pump30
35619902Hydrojet marine engine units3
35619903Pumps, domestic: water or sump88