SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3545—Cutting Tools, Machine Tool Accessories, and Machinists' Precision Measuring Devices
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing cutting tools, machinists'precision measuring tools, and attachments and accessories for machine tools and for other metalworking machinery, not elsewhere classified. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing handtools, except power-driven types, are classified in Industry Group 342.

Angle ringsHoning heads
Arbors (machine tool accessories)Hopper feed devices
Bits for use on lathes, planers, shapers, etc.Inserts cutting tool
Blanks, cutting toolKnives shear
Boring machine attachments (machine tool accessories)Lathe attachments and cutting tools (machine tool accessories)
Broaches (machine tool accessories)Letter pins (gauging and measuring)
Calipers and dividersMachine knives, metalworking
Cams (machine tool accessories)Machine tool attachments and accessories
Chasers (machine tool accessories)Mandrels
Chucks: drill, lathe, and magnetic (machine tool accessories)Measuring tools and machines, machinists' metalworking type
Clamps, machine toolMicrometers
Collars (machine tool accessories)Milling machine attachments (machine tool accessories)
Collets (machine tool accessories)Precision tools, machinists'
Comparators (machinists' precision tools)Pushers
Counterbores, metalworkingReamers, machine tool
Countersinks and countersink drill combinations (machine toolScales, measuring (machinists' precision tools)
Cutters, millingShaping tools (machine tool accessories)
Cutting tools and bits for use on lathes, planers, shapers, etc.Shear knives
Diamond cutting tools for turning, boring, burnishing, etc.Sockets (machine tool accessories)
Diamond dressing and wheel crushing attachmentsTables, rotary: indexing
Dies, thread cuttingTaps, machine tool
Dressers, abrasive wheel: diamond point and otherThreading toolholders
Drill bits, metalworkingThreading tools (machine tool accessories)
Drill bushings (drilling jig)Tips, cutting tool
Drilling machine attachments and accessories (machine toolToolholders
Drills (machine tool accessories)Tools and accessories for machine tools
Files, machine toolVerniers (machinists' precision tools)
Gauge blocksVises, machine (machine tool accessories)
Gauges, except optical (machine tool accessories)Wheel turning equipment, diamond point and other (machine tool
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3545Machine Tool Accessories2,101
354500Machine tool accessories537
35450000Machine tool accessories537
354501Precision measuring tools348
35450100Precision measuring tools66
35450101Calipers and dividers4
35450102Comparators (machinists' precision tools)8
35450103Gauge blocks6
35450105Measuring tools and machines, machinists' metalworking type35
35450107Precision tools, machinists'195
35450108Scales, measuring (machinists' precision tools)30
35450109Verniers (machinists' precision tools)1
354502Cutting tools for machine tools528
35450200Cutting tools for machine tools365
35450201Counterbores, metalworking0
35450202Countersinks and countersink drill combinations0
35450203Diamond cutting tools for turning, boring, burnishing, etc.88
35450204Dressers, abrasive wheel: diamond point or other5
35450205End mills6
35450206Files, machine tool7
35450208Machine knives, metalworking10
35450209Milling cutters6
35450210Reamers, machine tool4
35450211Shear knives6
35450212Taps, machine tool9
35450213Thread cutting dies8
35450214Threading tools (machine tool accessories)9
35450215Wheel turning equipment, diamond point or other2
354503Machine tool attachments and accessories688
35450300Machine tool attachments and accessories119
35450301Angle rings4
35450302Arbors (machine tool accessories)5
35450303Balancing machines (machine tool accessories)15
35450304Bits for use on lathes, planers, shapers, etc.1
35450305Boring machine attachments (machine tool accessories)13
35450306Broaches (machine tool accessories)27
35450307Cams (machine tool accessories)7
35450309Chucks: drill, lathe, or magnetic (machine tool accessories)24
35450310Collars (machine tool accessories)4
35450311Collets (machine tool accessories)8
35450312Diamond dressing and wheel crushing attachments4
35450313Drill bits, metalworking22
35450314Drill bushings (drilling jig)10
35450315Drilling machine attachments and accessories23
35450316Drills (machine tool accessories)19
35450317Gauges (machine tool accessories)84
35450318Headstocks, lathe (machine tool accessories)1
35450319Honing heads2
35450320Hopper feed devices5
35450322Milling machine attachments (machine tool accessories)11
35450324Rotary tables2
35450325Shaping tools (machine tool accessories)4
35450326Sockets (machine tool accessories)5
35450327Tool holders22
35450328Tools and accessories for machine tools151
35450329Vises, machine (machine tool accessories)5